One Mr. David Robert Joseph Beckham. Apparently there was a bidding war for his first major interview on U.S. Television that I was unaware of. Either way CBS won the thing over also-rans Jay Leno and Oprah, and Becks will be one of the soon to be many interviews for the big game.

From The Sunday Mirror- UK…..

DAVID BECKHAM is to give a TV interview which will be screened during the Superbowl final – watched by 80million Americans.

Becks, 31, hopes he can win over the US and their sports fans to bring his and wife Victoria’s Brand Beckham to America.

As well as 80million US TV viewers the 75,000 fans in Miami’s Dolphins Stadium will also see Beckham’s big interview on giant screens.

Oh what a treat for those in attendance Beckham AND Prince……they must have died and gone to heaven. I don’t know how much sense this actually makes considering no one watches soccer in America, and it’s unlikely they ever will. But hell they are both called Football….it’s worth a shot right?

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