I came to the realization that live-blogging Baseball just plain sucks last night. So we’re going with the good old open thread quote thingy. It’ll Joe, Tim, and YOU! Going in this spot and we’ll kick things off tonight around 8:30.

Hey Tito and Hurdle! I want my free taco dammit!!! Send someone tonight!


Oooh Vince Vaughn and an ad for Fred Claus. Good work FOX.

“I don’t love you if you don’t win.”- Vince Vaughn

Kinda funny actually.

“He’s got all four pitches.”- Joe Buck
, on Rockies Pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez

Umm which four Joe? And according to Tim, Dice K has 5.

“Just got through the Jeanie, Byrnes, Karros, Kennedy schrill shouting match. When’s the first pitch?”- Anon

I have no idea. Byrnes is the most annoying on-air personality ever. Love him as a ballplayer though.

Taveras is on…..TACO! TACO! Dammit….hit and run. Stupid Holliday ruins Tacos for everyone. I’m rescinding my MVP vote.

“Whoever had this “free taco for every stolen base” is a genius. They are getting a ton of publicity and may very well never have to give out a single taco…”- Charlie


“He’s coming out of a one man submarine….submersible.”- Tim McCarver

Hey smart guy! That’s redundant….it’s where the word comes from Tim.

“They think his curveball would work better here in Boston, better than in Mile High Stadium.”- Tim McCarver

(Via mattycb8….they don’t play there anymore actually Tim)

“That’s a group….Barenaked Ladies.”- Joe Buck

Thanks Joe.

Don’t worry, they’ll be on Joe’s tonight show soon- Anon

Hahahahaha. Very relevant those BNLs.

“Once a guy drops his bat, baserunning is the biggest determining factor to whether you gonna get runs or not. It’s so important. SO Important.”- Tim McCarver

Hahahahaha….you think Tim? I would go with the guy behind you getting a hit being the “biggest”, but okay.

TACOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Jacoby!



“Classic McCarver. “I think Apodaca is going out there to talk not just to Jimenez, but also Torrealba.” Apodaca walks to the mound, stares directly at Jimenez the whole time, clearly talking only to him. McCarver: “I think he’s talking to Jimenez and Tulowitzki, about whether to cover second base.” A minute later, they get audio of the conversation, and of course it was nothing more than a pep talk to the 23-year-old pitcher. No mention of covering second base at all. And then, Ellsbury steals second, and no one covers the base. I swear, no one invents more things happening in a baseball game than Tim McCarver.”- Matt

Great catch Matt.

“Not too many hitters can put a good swing on a 2 strike fastball”- Tim McCarver (Via dummy)

Followed by a lined 2 stike shot by Manny.

“A jerk of the head. That’s the biggest secret of his success.”- Tim McCarver

I’m guessing being able to located the ball is probably the biggest secret Timmy. Also…..jerk of the head….tee hee.

“When did Kirby Puckett join Boyz II Men?”- Mike

Hahahahahaha. They blew up….and weren’t there 4 of them? Where’s Michael Bivens? ABC-BBD….The East Coast Family. OH CRAP! And what happened to Sudden Impact?

“Papelbon with the combination of towels wrapped around his money maker.”- Joe Buck

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