So it’s come down to these two teams. The one with the huge payroll and all of the Stars and the one with the gritty veteran and a cast of young gamers. Game one will be coming to you live from Fenway Park via FOX, and I’ll be kicking off the festivities here at around 8pm.

I’m going with Boston in 5, but I would love to see the Rockies make a Series of this. If you have a prediction as well leave it in the comments, and I’ll see you later on tonight.

Manny picks up Youk….

2-0 Sawx

8:15- We’re live from Beantown and Eric Karros’ hair isn’t moving even though the weather is trying it’s best.

Okay folks we’re ready to go. Todd Helton introduces his Rockies and Joe Buck takes us through the Rockies infield. We should feel special.

Game time. We’re going with how we did it last night…..quotes in bold… nonsense in umm, non-bold. Let’s get this World Series underway. No stupid timestamps just your comments.

Beckett mows down Tavares with ease and Joe and Tim discuss something that I can’t register on the dumb scale. 3 and 2 to Matsui and of course Joe has to bring up New York. K….Beckett. 97.

Good job on the keys to the game McCarver….it depends on both pitchers pitching a good game. Great stuff.

1-2-3…..that’s your top of the first. Awesome pitching by Becks.

YAZ!!!!!! That’s an intro.

PEDS GOES DEEP!!!!!! Leadoff homer….are you kidding me?

1-0 Sawx

Wow….double to the gap by Youk and the Red Sox are rolling. Papi tries to bunt?!!?! Okay…..he’d probably beat it out.

It’s not just my television. Fox has had Fenway Park mic’d wrong for two series now. If the crowd’s cheering becomes louder than a casual conversation the Fox microphones and receivers kick themselves into a feedback loop that is equal measures frustrating and infuriating. They had the entire ALCS to work this out! I can barely hear the crowd noise, am certainly not getting the feeling of “being there,” and the whine of the feedback is giving my girlfriend a headache.
– Tom

Sorry Tom….I hope that this site can alert someone. It does suck and I feel you.

So I think now’s the time to tell everyone I’m watching this game with my Dad. We’ve watched just about every WS together since I was about five, so this is nothing new. You can call it “Simmons Like” and I hope you do….because just like Simmons….I’m being called out by my dad…..

“Throw the fastball inside to JD Drew….he can’t hit it he’s lefthanded.”- AA
“Looks like he proved your professional ass wrong.”- Dad

“That was the spike curveball you were talking about.”- Tim McCarver

Can we get some explanation please?

“He’s a high ball pitcher, you’ve got to live through that.”- Tim McCarver

3-0 Boston

Four Ks in a row for Beckett……but Atkins kills one to left….gone… Off the top of the wall. Hawpe is up.

Who is worse McCarver or Lugo? (Via Anon)

Just wait……

“Right on the corner to Hawpe…..with Hop…”- Tim McCarver

Tulo drives in Hawpe and we’re at 3-1

“For those of you who 8:15 (Central) in the office pool for the first Dane Cook promo…congratulations.”- Joe

Too funny.

“It’s down to nine finalists in the sexiest man alive contest.”- Joe Buck

No on pay attention to the 2 million entrants Joe Buck did for himself.

“16 of the 19 runs the Rockies have scored in the postseason have come with 2 out.” –Tim McCarver right after Tulo’s double.

How does he figure that the Rockies have only scored 19 runs in the post season? By my count it’s 34. -Mike

Again….enough with the Algebra problems for Timmy Mc.

<Maybe he meant that 16 came with two outs, 19 came with less? Of course, 19+16=35, not 34, but it seems plausible you could be off one and Tim could be off sixteen.”- NHZ

Too much math! Where’s Mathman when you need him?

Ortiz hits basically single, but because of the shift Youk scores from first.

“Because when the runner gets to third base the next stop is home.”- Tim McCarver

What the fuck!?!?!?! I’m borderline going Theismann on McCarver tonight…..stay tuned.

“Facts can’t stop McCarver, he needs to hear the sound of his voice…….like vampires need blood to survive.”- Anon


Actually, the Rockies are surprisingly NOT shifting against Ortiz. That was an old-fashioned gapper.- Mike

Really? I missed that entirely.

“Ortiz hits a basically single? Grammarman AND Mathman need a little visit.”- Mookie

Okay Mookie you ass… got me.

“Our own litlle Jub Jub….Chris Meyers.”- Joe Buck

HEY! Some charity gets $1000 via Conan O’Brien!!!!

We’re on to the 4th with a bit of Rage Against the Machine.

“Is it me or does McCarver announce as if everyone watching the game has never seen or heard of baseball and we’re just a bunch of fucking retards??”- Anon

Nooooooooo! Never!!!

It’s amazing how much the duo of Buck and McCarver don’t talk when there aren’t hits in the game. Good Pitching just throws them off…

We’re on to the bottom of the fourth……

“I loved the umpire talking to Beckett, “if they’re slimy, it’b probably because I’m holding them in my crotch and my balls have more cheese than that burger Fox showed last inning.”- Anon

That may or may not have happened.

“When he’s in throwing position, cocking that Howitzer on his shoulder…..”- Tim McCarver

Why even bother?

P.S.- We’re still in the 4th inning….we’re looking at a 1am night folks. Tell the women and children that you might not be around for the next few days

“Manny Ramirez has a good batting eye and they’ve added seats to the top of the Green Monster… have they really run out of new things to say by the fourth inning?”- Mike

“I don’t see how the Red Sox can play David Ortiz defensively in Colorado”.- Tim McCarver, You write him in at first base and he plays there. That’s how you do it.
(Via mattycb8)

“Did McCarver just suggest that David Ortiz shouldn’t play in Colorado? I’ll lay down twenty bucks right now that says he drives in more runs than he costs defensively. That’s just a stupid statement. Ortiz at 1B, Lowell at 3B, Youkilis in RF. It’s that simple”- Mike

Settle down….we all know what’s GOING to happen. McCarver still has to speculate.

6-1 Sawx after 4 innings.

“I say put Big Papi at shortstop. :)”- Anon

I agree wholeheartedly!!!

“I feel bad for this kid pitching for the Rockies. Is Hurdle trying to save his pen for the rest of the series? Or has he conceded game one and this kid is going 7 even if he throws 200 pitches?”- Anon

Well he’s not exactly getting killed so I think it’s worth the chance. You mind as well save your pen if the margin is only five.

Beckett just rips his 8th K on Torrealba. Nasty. The bottom of the order isn’t getting much against Becks. And by “much” I mean nothing.

“Give me another word, I keep coming back to dominant.”- Joe Buck
“I don’t have my thesaurus with me.”- Tim McCarver

Don’t break out AP tests on Tim….that’s just wrong.

“He was on the sidelines when Beckett beat the Giants.” – Tim McCarver

Tim, did you mean “the dugout”?- NHZ

Great play by Morales to nix the lead runner and Ellsbury is alone at first.

“For the first stolen base that we get in this series we, America gets a free taco.”- Joe Buck

Damn….tell me these things in the first Joe. I need a build up. And a Balk is called…

“Does America still get a taco now….Chips? Guacamole?”- Tim McCarver

This is the first and only time that Tim McCarver has had my best interests in heart.

“It’ll be either Varitek or Torrealba trying to deny America of a free taco.” Because God knows they’re sitting there, thinking: “NO, AMERICA GET’S NO TACOS!” (Via mattycb8)

“Torreabla and Varitek are Taco Blockers!”- Anon

8-1 Sawx, and they’re just pilling on right about now.

“Hurdle not only started a lefty in Fenway, he then replaced with a lefty? In Fenway? Who wrote up his scouting report, Manny?”- Anon

Hahahaha. You’d think so. If he hits a dinger now then you have to suspect something.

Okay just a single….

9-1 Red Sox.

Yea! Ken Rosenthal completely botches a piece, and I couldn’t be more happy. Try again next inning Kenny….you’ll do better. Lowell bangs a double into the left corner, and the Sawx need to cut it off.

How can we be only in the 5th inning’? Buck points out that the Sawx are batting around this inning.

“My God! It’s 9-1 and we’re only in the bottom of the 5TH! And it’s already 10:40 in the east.”- Anon

Welcome to the world of Tony Kornheiser…..

JD Drew picks up a single and an RBI and the Sawx have put it away….


Spires walks in a run…..

“There’s not a prettier blimp than the Direc TV…”- Joe Buck

The Outback and Goodyear Blimps are calling you a player Joseph!

“Tim Wakefield is not active because of that muscle behind his pitching shoulder, his right shoulder.”- Joe Buck

If you’re not paying attention it’s 12-1, and this game is over. Dustin P is about to hit a Grand Slam now….. Just wait….

“The Phillies go 14 years without making the freakin’ playoffs, get swept, and then have Rosenthal forget about them when he’s making some lame point about how the Rockies got here by beating the Little Sisters of the Poor JV team. Super. Thanks, Ken. Go interview the grounds crew or something.”- Anon

Welcome to the world of shitty reporting by Ken Rosenthal. I don’t know what it is about the guy but I don’t believe a word he says.

Joe Buck destroys my childhood by singing the numbers song from Sesame Street….am I tripping now? Someone hold my hand???

Is it just me or is this the longest game ever? I’m not quiting but your random play by play is gone. You’re all big boys/girls you can keep up with the scores. We’re going straight quotes for this point…..

THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God that commercial combined with Dane Cook, “Someone will do Something.” NO SHIT YOU ASSHOLE!!!!!!!

TACO BELL PROMOTION!!!!!! How is Royce Clayton still alive?

“You mention Paul Giamati who’s a great actor…was in that movie.”- Joe Buck

Ummm….what movie Joe?… never mentioned a Movie at all.

“If one department of the Rockies has been affected its been the pitching.”- Tim McCarver

This isn’t the presidency Tim.

Joe and Tim convey exactly what we’re all thinking right about now….WHY THE HELL IS JOSH BECKETT STILL IN THE GAME!?!?!?!?! It’s 13-1?!?!?! I’m blown away that he’s stil in the game. Absolutely blown away. He has no business being in the game. AT ALL. I don’t care whether he gets out of the inning or not.

“I think I can play. I hope I can play. I know I can play.”-McCarver’s stages of a young player, which are right up there with Erikson’s stages of development in our culture.

“I think I can shut up. I hope I can shut up. I know I can shut up.”-Tim McCarver, in a wonderful hypothetical world.
(Via NHZ)

“…..purchased Driven which is a breath taking cologne.”- Joe Buck on Jeter’s “Scenter”

“OMG How come no one has said anything about harold reynolds on the post-game.I’ll watch the whole fucken thing now. he’s back people, he’s back!”- cws83

Ummm….he’s been on Fox and this whole playoffs…’s nothing really new. Enjoy yourself though.

Mike Timlin is coming in for the Sox in the 8th….

“What a short quick stroke for a big man.”- Tim McCarver

13-1 finish with Gagne after Tim and Joe try to make some sort of Van Halen reference. I’m so confused.

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