Great Great Great Find by Deadspin this afternoon that I had to comment on. Erin Andrews gave an interview to the Atlanta Journal Constitution on the places her and her friends like to hang out at. First question I have is….Why in the world would you ever publicize that? And B…..When does the next Greyhound leave for A-Town?

The Highlights….

– “My girlfriends and I can polish off a bowl each, and wash it down with their amazing margaritas.” (The word polish just completely distracted me there. What was the rest of that?)

– “Everything from the queso and chips, lobster taco, and quesadillas are awesome. Plus the portions are small, so you don’t feel guilty for trying everything.” (Mmmmm…Lobster Taco)

– “BCBG’s staff is not only entertaining, but they will put together 15 outfits for you in no time. I’ve closed the store down a few times.” (WOMEN BE SHOPPIN! Shoppin, shoppin, shoppin!!!)

Also, what the heck is up with that photo that they posted to go with the story (above)? Very odd choice if you ask me, but I like the watermelon top with the sweats. Niiice. Someone needs to do one of these for me with DC……WaPo, I’m listening.

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