In the past week I’ve given you a handful of examples that illustrated how far SportsCenter has Fallen. Hey, I don’t want it to be that way, but these are the facts.

Well folks, are you ready to be even more depressed? Do you remember when SportsCenter first spoke to you??? Do you remember a little duo simply know as Patrick-Olbermann???

Are you ready for it….I don’t think you are…..sit down please…..

It was 10 years ago today that Dan and Keith did their last show together as SportsCenter anchors.

How sad is that? Seriously….whatever happened to straight-forward Sports reporting with humor when warranted (and funny on top of that)??? We now have to deal with The Sklar Brothers, Sean Salisbury, Who’s Now?, The Coors/Bud Light Six Pack, Stuart Scott, Die Hard, etc, etc, etc…..

It’s to the point where I rarely even watch the show now. To be honest the only time I ever catch it is on Sunday’s during Football season. Maybe they need all the gimmicks…..maybe they don’t. But I miss the first “never miss show” I ever watched.

I leave you with this lyric from one of the best bands during the time of Dan and Keith’s last show……

“It’s Sooooo Harrrrrd tooooo say gooooodbyyyyyye toooo yesterdaaaaaay eeeeeeeeee.”

Thanks to Bruce for the comment below….I forgot to add that K and D are on Late Night tomorrow night…..

“Ya know, I haven’t watched the Sunday night SC since KO left. In fact, I hardly watch it, period. They’re scheduled to be on Letterman on Wednesday night, btw. I say “scheduled”, because the last two times Patrick was booked were the Farrah meltdown, and Seinfeld’s post-Michael Richards appearance, so it’s a good bet something will happen.”

A Vince McMahon Death stunt perhaps? Too Soon???

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