Get ready for Doom Tournaments and the like to be aired on CBS starting this summer. There’s no word on whether Gilbert Arenas will be a guest analyst, but we can only hope….

“The World Series of Video Games has expanded its deal with CBS Sports, landing four hourlong specials on the Eye web that will offer coverage of tournaments and follow the players that compete in them throughout the year. The tourney organizer is trying to turn videogames into a spectator sport and give them the same TV-friendly treatment poker has received in recent years, complete with color commentary and profiles.”

The article says that Sportscaster Greg Amsinger (?) is host, and some of the games featured will be Guitar Hero, World of Warcraft, and EA Sports’ Fight Night.

FYI to CBS- This was just added to my “must miss list”.

CBS Sports gets vidgame specials (Daily Variety)