If I told you a network was devoting 65 hours of coverage to the Patriots you would swear that it was ESPN right? Well I’m sure they’ll come up with something after the NFL Network announced that they’ll be dedicating over 2 entire days to the Patriots-Giants game this Saturday….

Are you ready for this?

Following are highlights of NFL Network’s Patriots-Giants coverage:

» A record six-hour Total Access pregame show, beginning Saturday at 2 p.m. ET.
» Pregame talent includes Rich Eisen, Steve Mariucci, Deion Sanders, Marshall Faulk, Adam Schefter and Scott Hanson on location, with Fran Charles, Jamie Dukes, Rod Woodson, Jim Mora and Terrell Davis from NFL Network studios. Sterling Sharpe and Brian Baldinger host Playbook segments, and Mike Mayock has a sit-down interview with Bill Belichick.
» NFL Classics encore showings of six of the Patriots’ victories — complete games featuring the original network telecast.
» NFL Replay shows seven of the team’s victories — including late-season close calls against Baltimore and Philadelphia and the three most-watched games of the NFL season against Dallas, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh.
» A special one-hour Who Is …, discussing Who Is Perfect?
» A special one-hour edition of Playbook featuring Patriots-Giants matchups.
» Live coverage of Patriots press conferences all week.
» A special countdown clock popping up in all NFL Network programming, counting down to the game kickoff. It will appear approximately 1,200 times prior to kickoff.

The 65.5 hours of coverage is in addition to game previews, analysis and interviews on NFL Total Access, Point After, and Put Up Your Dukes.

Six ENTIRE games? Umm….wow. I don’t know what you say to that. I guess the fact that no one gets your channel doesn’t stop you from throwing money down the drain. Hell they even named this event “The Path to Perfection” (I’m feeling queasy already).

There’s a video up that asks the question…”Who is the Pats biggest threat?” I think it’s obvious that it’s Heath Evans.

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P.S.- Sorry for using the same photo again but it seemed necessary.

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