Sorry for the random title, but I was trying to work in that I am actually doing the Live-Blog tonight for the MNFer and that there will be guests in the booth. And yes….that’s plural folks.

Steve Carell and Russell Crowe are expected to be the in-booth guests for this week. Crowe was on College Gameday earlier this year so that’s not a surprise, but Carell being on an NBC show is definitely a surprise. I was thinking that he had a Disney movie coming out, but I can’t seem to find it (Not Evan Almighty on DVD, Not Dan In Real Life, and not Horton Hears a Who). Anyone have any insight?

(Via McCarthy at the McPaper)

Update: “Dan in Real Life is a Touchstone film; Touchstone is a Disney company.”- Mr. Pants

Well thank you Mr. Pants….I knew there was something I was missing. Oooh and Steve Carell’s character is a writer who has a column on his life right? Who else used to do that??? That’s right….this guy….

Oh and there’s this too………Dylan McDermott and other cast members of ABC’s “Big Shots” will take a look at the Colts-Jaguars matchup.” (SBD)