As readers were quick to point out in the last post….Gus Johnson and Steve Tasker are noticeably (obviously not to me) missing from this week’s slate of NFL games on CBS. I hope nothing is wrong with our friend Gus, but let it be known I’ve tried to contact the “Eye” to figure it out.

If anyone has any reasoning or insight please be sure to share it in the comments. The guy can stop the Isiah- Simmons feud, but he can’t get Tennessee at Houston?

Update: And Steve’s and Anon are the big winners (sort of)! Via the CBS PR Department…..

“The reason is that CBS will only be covering five games this week. On five game weeks, one of the six main announce teams gets the week off…This week, it is Johnson and Tasker.”

Thanks to them for the quickest response ever and thank to YOU for noticing the missing announcers! Very interesting that each team gets a week off during the season on a rotating sort of schedule. I’m sure they need it, but Gus….seriously…..we need you each week. Enjoy your week off but I fully expect to see you in Tennessee when the Raiders come to town.

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