I know how most of you feel about Sports Talk Radio, but let’s shelf that argument for a minute (we all know you still listen). Well back in the 90s, Jim Rome was an egotistical, pompous…well, he was a dick. I hated him on ESPN and the radio, and I thought the Chris/Jim Everett thing was about the dumbest joke ever and that he got what he deserved.

For about 10 years I just never gave the guy another chance. Until recently. When the whole Eric Wynalda stuff came up I started to listen to his show again. And you know what….I f’ing love it. Sure the gimmicks are a little stale and the callers that get “racked” are kind of annoying, but the guy is the best interviewer I’ve heard in quite a long time.

It’s amazing, but over the past three weeks no one has come even close to the level of guests he’s had and the depth at which he’s covered the recent controversies in Sport. His interview with former Mob Captain Michael Franzese yesterday was some of the best radio I’ve ever heard.

So I have just one question…..When the hell did this transformation take place?

When did Rome come up with the model that folks like Dan Patrick would covet? The guy is on 200 radio stations around the country….200! To put that in perspective, longtime radio hosts (20 years) Don & Mike have a total in the range of 30 to 40. The guy gets 2.5 million listeners a day.

If someone can answer that question for me I’d love to know the answer.

Phenomenal! Rack me. And feel free to hammer me in the comments.