Here’s your look into what ESPN is putting on the Countdowns this Sunday and Monday. There’s always a special segment or two.

Sunday NFL Countdown:

– Rachel Nichols reporting from London!
– How the Patriots Defense Has Linebackers over 30 years old!
– Soundtracks with Mike Tomlin!
– The Mayne Event is in London too!
– “Ten-year-old Jason Krause knows he has the perfect costume for Halloween, but who in the NFL is giving him “tricks” and who is giving him “treats?”” (Via ESPN PR)

Monday Night Countdown:

– Soundtracks with Brett Farve (who else?)
– A piece on Donald Driver done by Donald Driver
– Boiling Points with Parcells and Ditka
– Read and React with Parcells and Keyshawn


Sounds fun right? I can’t wait for Kenny Mayne in London! Did you know in London that Football is actually Futbol?!?!?! Crazy right?

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