I completely skipped over this when I wrote about the Women’s Tournament yesterday, but the WNBA Draft is today at 1pm. Umm what? It’s the day after the final college game. How dumb is that?

I guess you want to know how I found that out right? Well I watched most of the Women’s Final last night. I know I know…..it’s Women’s Basketball. Well to tell you the truth…it was better than the men’s. Well not better competition, but more entertaining for a few reasons. (To read more about a sport you probably don’t care about….hit the read more button.)

1. The announcers actually cared about the game and the players. Say what you will about Mike Patrick, but he loves sports, and prepares for every game. Sure he says things like….

“They’ve come from 11 down before but never from this much!”- Mike Patrick, on Rutgers….they were down 11 at the time.


“It really didn’t result in any points because they didn’t score”- MP

….buuuuut he’s excited to be there (and in Cleveland of all places).

2. Candice Parker is just sick-nasty. She was pretty much triple teamed all night, but still ended up with 17. Parker also added a couple of no-look passes and what seemed like 25 offensive rebounds.

She could be the first women’s player to leave college early for the WNBA, and is eligible to. There’s some rule about graduating the same year you are drafted. I’m not quite sure how a sophomore could pull this off….but apparently she has. (Note: Lauren Jackson went in at 19, but was from Australia, so she doesn’t count)

3. Shelden Williams was in attendance. I just laugh every time I see him. I can’t believe that Parker is dating him. That’s a Jay-Z/Beyonce combo if I’ve ever seen one. The best part was when they interviewed him at the half, and he said that there was a chance he could be fined by the Hawks for attending. That’s love right there. Screw a shoot-around….stand by your lady.

4. Suzy Kolber, Rebecca Lobo, and Nancy Lieberman hyping up the WNBA draft. It’s just hilarious to me that every team has to do two drafts…one with Parker and one without. You really couldn’t move the thing back a few days to give the girl some time to think it over?

5. ESPN Full Circle. For Women’s basketball this is perfect. It kept my A.D.D. in line, and they had a camera specifically trained on Candice Parker. She’s all I cared about watching really.

Overall…not a bad broadcast. They did well with a game that had turned into a bit of a blowout. Quote of the night goes to Analyst Dorris Burke…..

“It’s almost impossible to strip her”- DB on Parker, Almost is the key word…..because apparently Shelden can.