“A thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever…..my man John Keats said that. That’s my man!”- Kadeem Hardison in White Men Can’t Jump

It’s the only poetry that I could think of that would fit this amazing video from The Fanhouse…..

LaRussa is responding to a poem that the Dispatch had ran about the Cubs, and was declining comment to show his displeasure. The poem is pretty stupid and not really a big deal, but I’m with La Russa on this one.

Two highlights that stood out to me…..1) The giant pause before Tony says, “Any other questions?”, and then walks off the stage. 2) Tony shutting up columnist Bernie Miklasz after Bern said he was “grandstanding”. “What you guys do in the newspaper….Didn’t you grandstand the Cubs?!” (Kick his a** Tony)

Tony La Russa Does Not Like the Post-Dispatch (Fanhouse)
Cubs: No Tinker. No Evers. No chance. (St. Louis Dispatch)