(posted by OMDQ)

If anyone can explain how, exactly, this clip of Tim McCarver expressing confusion regarding Roger Clemens’ formerly fatigued groin is still available on YouTube two full weeks after it was first posted, I would love to hear it.


Actually, in this case, I don’t think “fatigued” meant “pulled” or “tired” – I think it meant, “not willing to return to action against an American League team that might accidentally light him up like a Christmas tree.”

For the record (because it seems unfair of me to continually note the Sunday Night Baseball crappiness of Joe Morgan while allowing McCarver to slide by on Saturday afternoons), McCarver has already done the following during today’s game:

— Expressed surprise that the Fenway Park fans gave Dave Roberts a standing ovation on two consecutive days.

— Touted Omar Vizquel as a “no doubt about it” Hall of Famer, then touted a “terrific play” he made the next inning on an over-the-shoulder catch that would have been a routine catch for the centerfielder.

— Said Daisuke Matsuzaka has “too many pitches” because he threw a 3-2 slider to Dave Roberts and “walks to the first batter lead to multi-run innings.” No follow-up five minutes later when the inning ended with Roberts stranded on second.

— Had some fun with Barry Bonds’ initials (BB) and baseball shorthand for walks (BB). You know, ’cause Barry walks a lot? Get it?