Seriously NBC…could you give Tiki Barber anymore easy assignments? Forget Minnesota…we have to send him to Boston!

In his most recent The Today Show sends TB to Fenway Park to discuss it being old and how poorly he did in his batting practice at-bats. The video is below if you care. But that’s not why I’m writing this post….no I’m writing to rile up all you Red Sox fans out there. What the video failed to capture was Tiki Barber’s horrible reporting earlier in the day, which also aired on the Today Show.

Lucky for us the Don and Mike Show tapes the Today Show everyday, and they caught the clip. Listen for yourself, and let me know the exact moment when you want to smash your computer (You have to listen for a bit…right past the Britney and Obama stuff)…

Tiki Audio (The Don & Mike Show)

“Later today this ballpark will be fulled with fans”- TB

That’s right Tiki….fulled. And did you hear it Boston? The biggest sacrilege of all….he calls it FenAway Park. That’s right…Fenaway Park. As if Boston couldn’t hate New York anymore.

God I can’t wait for Football Season…you thought last year was bad on this site. I’m going to have a field day this year.

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