27-17 to start the 2nd half, and if Bryant Gumbel keeps this up we’ll all be asleep part of the way through the third.

Is it just me or does Adam Schefter look like Bill Simmons’ doppelganger?

Miles Austin has a nice return and almost took the 2nd half kick all the way. Crosby tackled him at the 44. Favre isn’t out of the locker room yet.

A pass interference penalty and a J Jones run gets the Cowboys into Packers’ territory. Favre appears with a sleeve and he might be coming back into this thing. That would be really dumb considering this game doesn’t really mean much in the Playoff picture.

Romo hits Witten for an 8 yard game and the Cowboys are short of a first and they’re going for it on 4th down. No good.

“Stuffed in the hole.”- Bryant Gumbel

Rodgers is sacked on first down, and Gumbel is driving me insane. Rodgers is looking damn good as he hits Driver on third down and follows that with a big run and a scrambling pass to Lee. Packers ball at the 25.

The Cowboys bail out Rodgers with a facemask penalty on a sack, and a Rodgers pass to Driver has it inside the five. A pass to Kuhn gets it close to the goal line, and a nice tackle saves the TD. But it’s a first down.

“John Perry says that’s close enough for government work.”- Bryant Gumbel describing the ref measuring for the first down.


27-24 ‘Boys.

Cowboys ball at the 20. Romo throws a screen to Witten for negative yards, and they follow with another screen for even more negative yards. 3rd and long….Delay of Game and the Packers Fans are getting into it! 3rd and 19…

Damn….Romo somehow finds Crayton after rolling out. First down. And Jerry Jones has made his way down to the sidelines. Barber gets a nice run around outside and a facemask penalty will bump that another 15.

“And the Packers are starting to get frisky here!” – Dick Enberg, on the radio (Via S2N

What I wouldn’t give for you tonight Dick…..Umm wait….what did I just say?

Owens bobbles a pass out of bounds that the refs call a catch, and GB challenges and it’s overturned. Owens catches another for 9 yards and it’s 3rd and 1 at the 20…

Barber runs it inside the 5. God he is a beast. A delay of game sends it back 5 though and it’s 1st and goal for the Cowboys. End of the third…..

Barber for a short gain on first, and a pass to Owens….Touch……WAIT!!!!!!!! Owens drops it, flips it up in the air and Al Harris picks it off!!!!!!!!

“Maybe it was all that butter from the Popcorn from earlier.”- Bryant Gumbel

Good one Gumby. First down pass to Jennings on the slant. A few plays later the Cowboys pick up a sack and the Packers punt with 12 minutes left.

Holy shit….the Celtics beat the Knicks 104-50!!!

Romo hits Witten on two passes by the second is coming back on a hold. Another pass to Witten gets it closer to a first….3rd and 8 and the Packers finally hit Romo. Witten gets it yet again and another first. He’s open every play and AJ Hawk is saying he pushed off.

Deep ball to Austin….he’s tripped up. No call….wait….the refs discuss the play and throw a flag after all. That was a pretty bad call. There was a bit of contact but Austin just got tripped up.

Incomplete pass on first and Barber gets nothing on 2nd. 3rd and Goal…..

TOUCHDOWN COWBOYS…..Patrick Crayton from Romo.


Wait….did the NFL Network just run a commercial for the Colts-Falcons game??? Yes, yes they did. Hilarious.

Rodgers to Driver on first, and Aaron runs for a first down. A pass to Driver gets another first into Cowboys territory. Deep pass to Jennings is incomplete, and it’s 2nd and 10. Koren Robinson gets a screen and a nice run and it’ll be 3rd and 1. Grant picks up the first with about 5 minutes left.

Wait no….the spot is short. He really looked like he had it and the refs are completely hosing the Packers tonight. They elect to kick a looooong field goal….

Mason Crosby nails the 50+ yarder and it’s a one TD game….


Austin gets it out to about the 40 and he’s turning into a pretty good return guy. Barber picks up a few, and follows that with a big pass to Witten for a first down into Packer territory.

Barber with a short gain, but face mask penalty adds another 15.

“You can’t rip someone’s helmet off at this point in the game.”- Cris Collinsworth

Is it ever okay?

Barber picks up 6 or 7 on first down and the Packers call Timeout….their 2nd. 3 minutes to go. MBIII for the first down and that might rap it up unless the Packers let the ‘Boys score. Barber for a short gain and we’re at the two minute warning.

Barber is short of the first on third down and Nick Folk for the FG at the one minute mark…..Good.


“And Williams gets baptized at the twenty yard line.”- Bryant Gumbel

Um what?

Rodgers hits Driver and Jennings to get the ball to the 45. 4th down….incomplete. Valiant effort by Aaron Rodgers but the Refs, er Cowboys prove to be too much.

Special thanks goes to Bryant Gumbel for making me want to pass out the entire game and it was good to have you tonight. I’d like to say I’ll be live-blogging next week’s game, but I don’t know if I can take this boredom again.

37-27 Cowboys.

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