If the rumors are to be believed, congratulations are in order for Suzy Kolber for being pregnant with her first child. Back in the beginning of the season Suzy was noticeably missing from the

Monday Night telecasts, and AA’s thankful it wasn’t for anything else. Via PFT…..
An industry source tells us that MNF sideline reporter Suzy Kolber is expecting company. And it’s not a visit from Joe Namath.

Per the source, Kolber is due to give birth to a junior version of herself, complete with Leather Tuscadero mullet and turtleneck.

Word is that it’s a girl. The due date is presently unknown. As is the identity of the father. (We assume that Suzy knows.)

Again, it’s just rumor but Suzy….I’m going to miss you. I’d much rather Michele Tafoya taking maternity leave if you know what I mean. Congrats.


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