I thought those cheap little Fantasy Football trophies were the cheesiest thing ever, but no….they’ve been topped. Via Majorly English and SbB comes this insane tidbit.

EA Sports and Madden 2008 are offering “Championship Rings”….

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., – July 16, 2007 – Electronic Arts Inc and Jostens. Inc. today announced that the highly anticipated Madden NFL 08 for next generation consoles will give players the opportunity to extend the Madden NFL 08 experience to the real world by giving them the ability to purchase their own custom-designed “Ring of a Champion”. Based on the player’s Madden Gamer Level, the Ring of a Champion showcases the progress of a Madden NFL 08 gamer, and each ring can be customized to recognize the player advancements through the game. These rings are a direct representation of a player’s achievements and game skills. Madden NFL 08 will be available for purchase beginning August 14.

Oh my good lord. Someone call the Apocolypse Department at SI. I think Brooks from SbB said it best when he emailed me the story….”There should be a law against anyone over 9 yo wearing them.” Amen.

Oh, this? It’s just my Madden 2008 Championship-style ring (Majorly English)
EA Sports Offers Madden 08 Rings to Game Players
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