Just in case you haven’t been paying attention the last month, we’ve finally come to the exciting conclusion of ESPN’s Who’s Now brackets. There were twists and turns, a Santa Clara like Tony Parker, upset after upset, and….

Okay, who are we kidding….it’s a #1 Seed vs. a #1 Seed in the Finals (Woods-James). There were no surprises (except Erin Andrews’ Legs during one of the segments: see above), only one “upset” (Parker over Federer), no one really tuned in to watch the program on Sports Center, and there were more viewers on ESPN.com for Who’s Now than any other feature (yes, including Bill Simmons).

Wait…what did I just type? More than any other feature??? That can’t be true…

Critics have almost universally hated “Who’s Now,” but fans have played along with more than 4 million votes, pointed out Glenn Jacobs, senior coordinating producer for SportsCenter. For four weeks, it has been the story with the most traffic on espn.com. TV ratings have not appreciably changed for its time slot, he said.

“There may be a disconnect between those who like it and those who don’t like it,” Jacobs said Wednesday. “It was a chance for our fans to have some fun. Sports is built on debate. We took that idea and tweaked it. We tried something different.”

Damn..it is true. Everyone knew Tiger was going to win and that he’d be going against Bron-Bron, so what was the point? I guess there wasn’t one really…..I think this Anonymous comment, from the very first post AA had on the subject, sums the whole thing up the best.

“Captain America could never beat Batman. Batman is NOW!!!!!!!!11111”- Anon

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