I’ll be keeping track of those of the all inner workings of Dick Vitale’s mind, and even if you don’t watch the game you can enjoy some of what Dickie V is thinking about other than College Basketball. Feel free to play along on your own and add any that I may have missed in the comments.

Tonight’s Installment: UNC-OSU, ESPN

1. Jazz Music (After talking about UNC’s Wayne Ellington)
2. The city of Toledo
3. Missouri Football
4. Chase Daniel
5. Wants to work with John Saunders on College Football
6. Not knowing Math and Trigonometry (After calling Ginyard and Green G-Cubed)
7. The Commandments
8. Travis Ford
9. Outback Steakhouse
10. Rick Pitino
11. “The Bunny Rabbit!” (referring to the Engergizer Bunny)
12. The New York Yankees
13. Mikey Mantle (actually from Dan Shulman)
14. Florida Gators Football
15. Ronde Barber (Actually from the other night but I’m counting it here)



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