So when coming up with this fabulous idea of a roast I went to the Awful GF, and told her she could have a post since a lot of her time is spent listening to me brag/whine/cry about them. Here’s her response to the Birthday and the Blog…..

I don’t really know where to start. Sometime(s) it’s a little hard and frustrating dating such a blog genius. We seem to have this exchange everyday…

Awfulgf- “ I seriously think you are addicted the Internet.”
AA- “No I’m not…”(as he barely looks up from the computer screen).
Awfulgf – “ Fine you are addicted to your site.”
AA- (no comment at first, continues to feverishly type away on a new post) “Huh?”

And don’t ever try to get him to do something….

(Trying to get AA to go to dinner) Awfulgf – “Come on lets go.”
AA- “Wait…I need to see this….its for the site.”

(In the car on the way to the restaurant)AA- “S**, I forgot to set the Tivo!”

And then there was the live blogging….

AA- “I can’t go out to happy hour, do anything outside, go to the bathroom, eat, sleep, etc. I have to live blog.”

I wish he would throw in a post or two about some of the crazy things he done. Like the time we tailgated for the Redskins game and grilled out with an angel food cake pan (see picture below) because AA thought it was a good idea to buy a $3 grill made of wire mesh and tin foil to cook steaks on. The (not so) Awful Girlfriend had to improvise…

Happy Birthday AA, and you owe me a day of watching the Food Network!

– The Awful Girlfriend

P.S.- I think AA got the …. from me

P.P.S.- AA jumped the gun a little bit…the birthday/anniversary is actually tomorrow. I told you he was a blogging genius.

Well I’ll be….it is tomorrow. For some reason I thought the site’s first post was on the 15th. I’m an idiot. Soooo, with that said I’m saving the roast emails post for tomorrow morning. Hope you enjoyed the day of awfulness, and come back for the roast tomorrow.

Cheers, AA

(P.S.- She made me put that picture on there…..she’s evil.)