So here we are…..after months of hype the race is here. Who you got?

Shaq unveils his Slot Machine shoe, which makes absolutely zero sense. Nique is taking Barkley. Ernie introduces us to the contestant, and asks the crowd who they like……it’s over-whelmingly in favor of Bavetta.

Bavetta taps EJ on the ass and the room roars with laughter. Barkley walks out and looks Huuuuuuge. John Carlos calls Barkley the “Black Rhino”…..tad bit racist.

“I’ve got nothing against old people. I want to be one one day.”- CB

Damn Dick is all business. And Charles starts stretching. LET’S GET IT ON!!!!!!!!!!

Dick can’t even get his pants off…….and we’re off! Wait, false start on Barkley. Twice! He’s cheating

First time down……Barkley

Second time down……Barkley

Third time down…..Barkley

WINNER………..BARKLEY! A Kiss, a Dive and a backwards run taunt!

Brokeback Barkley is out of breath. And Dick’s leg is bleeding.

“I’m donating two Black Jack hands to charity”- CB, $50K to the Boys and Girls Club…..I love Charles.

I cannot believe they kissed on the lips………TAKE THAT TIM HARDAWAY!

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