There weren’t many changes at the top after this week, but Andre Ware made a huge push to get into the Top 10. One week to go for the regular season crown folks, and we’ll move onto Bowl Season where anything can happen. Thanks to everyone who sent quotes in for Week Thirteen!

The Pam Ward Chronicles Week Thirteen

10. “Foster runs it outside down the sideline and is bumped out of bounds and will stop the clock. Well, the clock’s not running. Oh, we’re in overtime.”- Craig Bolerjack (Via Willmott)

9. “That rear end is up in the air he’s ready to go hunt.”- Chris Spielman

8. “Florida State has a chance to win this game by outscoring the Gators.”- Lee Corso

7. “And that’s Miami’s first first down of the season.”- Pam Ward (Via Tom)

6. “This is his last home game here at home.”- Andre Ware on UVA’s Chris Long (Via Bruce)

5. “If you’re going to underthrow the ball, you have to do it short.”- Ed Cunningham (Via Anon)

4.“The thing you have to realize is that these teams are in un-chartered waters.”- Kirk Herbstreit

3. “We were wondering what you were giving him for after the game. You know my partner over here, he…..”- Bob Griese
“I thought you were giving him a bud.”- Paul Maguire

(Alchohol or Weed….it’s still pretty funny.)

2. “USC is a cinch to go to one of the three remaining BCS Bowl Games….maybe the Fiestus Bowl. That would be the likely suspect.”- David Norrie

1. “…and it winds up being Vince Hall coming in the face of Peter Lalich…”- Andre Ware (Via ZHR)


Here are the standings after Thirteen weeks……..

1. Gary Danielson (50)
2. Brad Nessler (49)
3. Chris Spielman (44)
4. Mike Patrick (43)
5. Pam Ward (37)
6. Andre Ware (31), Lee Corso (31)
8. Paul Maguire (27)
9. Dave Pasch (26)
10. Bob Griese (23)

Others Receiving Votes: Brent Musburger (21), Kirk Herbstreit (20), Verne Lundquist (20)Pat Haden (19), Tim Brandt (16), Ray Bentley (16), Mark Jones (16), Ed Cunningham (14), Bill Curry (13), Craig James (11.5), Erin Andrews (11), , Dave Lapham (10), Gerry Dinardo (9), Dave Lamont (9), David Norrie (9), Lou Holtz (9), Tom Hart (8), Todd Blackledge (7), Mellissa Knowles (7), Thom Brennaman (7), Sean McDonough (7), John Saunders (6), Quint Kessenich (6), Holly Rowe (5), Desmond Howard (5), Charles Arbuckle (5), Mike Tirico (4), Dan Fouts (4), Doug Flutie (3.5), Jim Donnan (3), Eric Collins (2), Jim Kelly (1), Craig Bolerjack (1)