Just look at those radical changes I mean the blue….the blue is just darker. And that football standing up and looking so proud.

The league is creating a leaner, meaner version of the iconic logo that will debut at the NFL draft in April, 2008. The revamped shield will be slightly taller and thinner, with a new football, fewer stars and darker colors, says Lisa Baird, the NFL’s senior vice president of marketing. The redesign marks the first changes to the shield since 1980.

At the NFL’s annual meeting this spring, commissioner Roger Goodell talked about the NFL Shield as the “envy of the sports world.” The league has been careful to make an “evolutionary, not a radical change,” says Baird.

I disagree completely Ms. Baird! Less stars is radical as it can get. And the reason for less stars on the logo?

“We took one out for each of our fallen homeys of the past year. Vick, Tank, Pacman, and Rhodes just to name a few. We may have to go back to the drawing board with the announcement of Frostee’s suspension today though.”- Lisa Baird*

NFL to revamp shield with redesigned logo (USA Today)

*- Fabricated for a cheap laugh.

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