A couple people emailed me this Gus Johnson YouTube video showing highlights from the 2007 Tourney. Well I was going to embed the thing thinking a fan put it together, but the embedding is disabled. Well that can mean only one thing….CBS put it together.

I looked at the “director” and yep…that’s where it came from. What’s my point you ask?…..Why would CBS spend the time to put together this compilation? I think it’s because they understand the press that Gus has gotten over the past three weeks, and they want to capitalize on it being linked everywhere. I mean it’s a lock the SportsGuy links it. The Big Question is whether or not they’ll continue to bury the guy, or give him the spot he deserves.

CBS…please, please, please pair Gus Johnson and Bill Raftery for a game just once next year. If not for the shear awesomeness, but how pissed off the X’s and O’s folks will get. Hell, send me a press release and I will pimp the hell out of the game. I promise that it won’t fail….you have my guarantee that people will watch. I don’t care if it’s Sacred Heart v. Eastern Maryland.

Thanks to a link over at True Hoop a ton more people have voted on the Gus Poll. Here are the latest results:

The current approval rating sits at 84.3%, and has continued to rise after the recent influx of visitors the past few days. My age test on the other hand has not worked out very well. Considering 35 as “old” was probably the wrong age to start with.

I wonder what would happen if this poll was for Jim Nantz? Do you think he’d get the same support that our boy Gus got???

Watch the video again, and tell me he isn’t having fun (and that you’re not getting excited right along with him).

Gus Johnson: Rise and Fire- The Best of the 2007 Tourney (YouTube)

(Hat tip to Our Book of Scrap for sending me the YouTube first.)

UPDATE: Somehow…someone copied the exact same video and re-posted it, so check it out embeddedededed style. Via With Leather via SBTB.

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