Everyone with a fantasy team knows that LJ was done for the year, but apparently he was never “technically” classified as so. I had no idea this was even taking place, but apparently the Chiefs had been feuding with a local Kansas City reporter about Larry Johnson’s injury. So much so that they wouldn’t admit to him missing the year until today.

More than a month after FOX 31 first reported that Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson would miss the rest of the season due to a broken foot, the Chiefs have finally acknowledged that Johnson is done for the year.

For several weeks, the Chiefs denied the report and attempted to discredit the reporter both privately and publicly (the word “crazy broad” was used). On Nov.12th, eight days after Johnson suffered the break, a source inside of Johnson’s camp told Anderson that the Chiefs were likely hiding the truth from their franchise player.

That “crazy broad” is actually a blogger at Denver’s Fox affiliate in Colorado (natch), so kudos to her for being right, but this is beyond weird to me. Why wouldn’t you tell Johnson that his leg was broken? It appears even LJ’s dad was keeping the information from him as well. Weird.

Larry Johnson Done for the Year, Chiefs Finally Confirm
(My Fox Colorado)