Update: The Big Lead responds: Do it Again and the Kitten Dies

Update #2: We thank The Big Lead for mentioning us in their “self-interview” as a place that has a list of all the blogs that commented on the Cowherd thing. Please feel free to keep sending your links to awfulannouncing@gmail.com and we’ll be sure to add you to the fray.

In all seriousness….it’s great to have TBL back, and thanks for letting myself (AA), OMDQ…who put this kick-ass list together, and The Rest of the Channel 4 News Team to be a part of this amazing Sports Blogging Community. You continue to amaze me everday, and let’s beat the powers that be at their own game. <grouphug></grouphug>.

This list of bloggers responses to Colin Cowherd (or should I say, “Schrutebag”?) was originally compiled for One More Dying Quail, but I thought Awful Announcing’s readers might like to check it out as well. If nothing else, the various links might provide a bit of inspiration for all you Photoshoppers out there.

The links came from three separate sources: Technorati, my Google Reader, and The Big Picture. There’s good stuff on all of them, so check out as many as you can if you’re interested in this situation.

This Hurts Us More Than It Hurts You, Colin (Deadspin)
Cowherd: Nous Accusons! (Every Day Should Be Saturday)
Colin Cowherd Has Listeners? (AOL FanHouse)
Colin Cowherd Can Eat A Fat D—K (Kissing Suzy Kolber)
What To Do With Sports Radio Douches? (With Leather)
Colin Cowherd Is A Jackass (Our Book of Scrap)
Colin Cowherd is an angry man (The Buried Lead)
Not only is this wrong, it’s likely illegal (The Postmen)
Colin Cowherd: Proof positive that the worldwide leader is the root of all evil (The Wayne Fontes Experience)
Colin Cowherd Has No Soul (Sportable)
The Words of a Madman (The Feed)
Cowherd The Bot-Herder (Super Dee Duper)
ESPN Willfully Destroys Sports Blogger/Competition (Her Loyal Sons)
Spring football news will have to wait (The House Of Heat)
Cowherd crosses a line (Sports Media Watch)
Colin Cowherd public enemy #1 (Savante’s String)
Colin Cowherd is a Sad Little Boy (Yelling Louder)
On open discourse: Colin Cowherd (Pacifist Viking)
Colin Cowherd Can Eat A D*** (Awful Announcing)
Hey Jesus, Take That Cross Off Your Back and Jam it Through Colin Cowherd’s Face (Check Out My HEMI)
April Archives (Stupid Sideline Reporters)
Douchebag of the Year (Thunder Matt’s Saloon)
Did He Order The Code Red? (Randball)
Win One for the Little Guys; Boycott ESPN (Hire Jim Essian!)
Colin Cowherd: Douchebaggery, The Sequel (The M-Zone)
Colin Cowherd: An Act of Self-Defense (Nation Of Islam Sportsblog)
I Never Liked This Guy (This Suit Is Not Black)
Fuck Colin Cowherd (Flyers Fieldhouse)
“I’m a reacher, not a teacher.” (Ladies…)
Cincinnati Hates Colin Cowherd, Too (Mondesi’s House)
Colin Cowherd is a Douchebag (Sports Show On Mute)
Colin Cowherd Likes Unicorns (Seal Clubbers)
Who’s got 2 thumbs and is now known as Shrutebag? This Guy! (Awful Officiating)
Colin Cowherd should jump in front of a fucking truck (The Big Picture)
The Big Lead: Still Down. Thanks, Schrutebag (Deadspin)
Colin Cowherd: Dead To Me (Just Call Me Juice)
Somehow, We Let All The Morons On Radio And TV (Signal to Noise)
Top 10 reasons Colin Cowherd is FANtastic (The Sports Hernia)
Supporting my fellow bloggers against Colin Cowturd (Stiles Points)
Criminal Cowherd? (LouPickney.com)
Cowherd takes on the Blogosphere (Cola For The Soul)
If I Ran…: ESPN (If I Ran)
Evolution of The Herd (College Game Balls)
Cow-herd the Cow-ard (55)
Colin Cowherd? More Like Colin Coward! (East Coast Bias)
Colin Cowherd, Schrutebag (Foul Balls)
Sports! Sort Of. Well, Schrutebag, Hot Cubs Fans, and a Fat Drunken Guy (Different Day, Same Trainwreck)
Time to join the Underground Train plowing into Colin Cowshit (Sports Bastards)
What A Cow(h)ard (Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician)
For The Idiot File: Colin Cowherd (Oriole Post)
Cow-herd, Cow-ard (55: Double Nickle)
Who’s A Coward (Mile High Ramblings)
That Wasn’t A Very Nice Thing To Do (One More Dying Quail)
Do it Again and the Kitten Dies (The Big Lead)