Via reader WC from Canada comes the most depressing news of the day. They have a better Health Care system than us, and now they’ve rid themselves of Joe Buck. Seriously…..

Rogers Sportsnet has picked up the MLB International feed for the World Series. Why is this so good? No Buck and McCarver! I was ready to watch the game with the sound off and the radio turned up to listen to Morgan/Miller when I realized I didn’t have to listen to those 2 ass clowns call another Red Sox game. The International feed uses ESPN’s Dave O’Brien and Rick Sutcliffe which is 10 times better than the Fox clowns.

O’Brien and Sutcliffe isn’t THAT much better, but WC is right…..I would take them over Tim and Joe in a heartbeat. Plus there’s the added bonus that Rick Sutcliffe could do the broadcast hammered. Dammit Canada! As if you couldn’t hate those Canucks even more. They’ve bested us once again. I’m telling you to keep your eye on them Michigan.

Screw it…..I’m moving to Saskatoon and becoming a Saskatchewan Roughriders fan.

(Thanks to WC for sending that in.)