The image you see on the right is the brand new shirt that appeared on Cafe Press minutes after the stolen base that won you a free taco on October 30th. Commenter mance01 mentioned the nickname in the comments of the open thread last night, and instantly it was a t-shirt! Something seems fishy to me.

Now I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but on the surface the Free Taco deal for America that Jacoby Ellsbury shored up for us yesterday was pretty sweet, but after thinking about it….how annoying and staged was that? Even Joe Buck, who used the word “Shameless” during game one, and Tim McCarver how used the transition, “From Schillling to shilling”, knew it was a bit much.

The thing that kills me is even more than the Taco Bell guy in the stands was the obvious hiring of bench player Royce Clayton to be the pitch man for the Fast Food company. FOX swears that none of those conversations that aired were staged, but they have to be kidding themselves if they think we’re falling for that.

Let’s do some math According to Darren Rovell at CNBC the advertising revenue accrued from the two games would have cost $8 million bucks…..

By the way, in last night’s Game 2, the logo and the phrase “Taco Bell” were on screen for 3 minutes and 15 seconds, according to Eric Wright of Joyce Julius & Associates, a sponsorship research firm. The phrase “Taco Bell” was mentioned 11 times.

The firm says that equaled a value of $4.1 million in equivalent advertising time. Combining that with Game 1 exposure on Fox, Taco Bell has received more than $8 million in equivalent advertising time within the two game broadcasts.

…….Now how many of you are actually going to remember to get a free taco from 2-5pm next Tuesday? I’m sure it’s probably not many. If you consider that it costs what….probably 8 cents to make a Taco??? No way are more than 100,000 people taking them up on their offer, so that cost them a total of $8,000. $8K!!! And that’s not even taking into account all of the sodas and other items that people will purchase.

Basically Taco Bell annoyed us for two straight World Series with 8 Million Dollars of free advertising. I for one am not going to Taco Bell on the 30th and I hope you don’t either. I’m just glad Ellsbury stole the base and we don’t have to be hounded with Taco Bell promotions the rest of the Series.

Taco Bell WS Coverage: Way Out Of Base Paths (CNBC: Sports Biz)

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