Watching the halftime highlights, I’m going to predict that Texas falls out of the top 25 and Southern Illinois gets in after pounding Wichita State in their own building.

Those Game Day cretins need to get their chairs off of my nice blue floor.

What the Christ? Herm Edwards is dressed like an extra from a boxing film from 1936. That was just some strange, strange fashion sense.


Game back on.

With all of the upsets in the top 5, either of these teams gets a great chance to move up.


57-49 for Kansas. Jones and K-man are coming in to try to match up with KU’s big lineup, but both are in foul trouble.

Nonetheless, Carter nails a three and the margin is down to five and Self calls a T.O.

There’s Mario Chalmers’ dad behind Self in the huddle. He looks like jazz legend Charles Mingus. Trust me on this.

Rush dongs a wide-open shot…. not good. These A&M kids are scrappin’.

Chaka Kaun missing shots – urg.

I’d pay money to listen to Kaun and A&M’s K-guy trash-talking each other with Slavic accents.

Robinson scores again, 38-30. The Allen crowd is energized again.

Kirk hits a three for A&M – I like the way A&M is playing – no panic, just business as usual.


Scoring has picked up! K-man both travels and double-dribbles, so that would be a turnover.

Wright is on pace to graduate in three years? Amazing. And he’s already said he’ll stay until he graduates, so I hope that’s true. I had no idea he was so smart (majoring in Comms, which is not bad for a scholarship athlete).

Chalmers scores – he has 8 on 4-4 shooting, and the score is 42-35 in KU’s favor.


Robinson gets decked by his own man and turns the ball over. Uh-oops.

A&M asst. coach Albert Johnson is overcoming a nasty-sounding disease to be on this road trip. Sounds awful. Good for him to battle through that.

Goaltending on Davis, so Rush gets the 2 pts. He needs to get to the rim like that more often, good things tend to happen.

KU’s quick hands are starting to take a toll. Kaun yips the short shot, but Arthur cleans up the mess.

Fans are getting louder as KU goes up by 9. Carter immediately cuts it to 6.


K-man gets his third foul. Not to wish ill on a fierce competitor, but I’m hoping someone fouls out. I’ve been wanting to see the Kansas faithful “wave the wheat” for some time now.

Freshman Collins has 12 for KU – he’s so tough in the lane, I’m really looking forward to watching his career. Damn, he just nailed a three while I was typing that. And then committed a foul. freshmen….

Uh oh, Herm Edwards’ wife just got the news that Erin Andrews is coming up to interview her husband. She does NOT look happy.

Herm goes defensive and conservative on his predictions for the game. Shades of football season. I swear I feel like I stumbled into a live Andy Capp cartoon here. That is a fucked up hat.


Darnell Jackson gets a little love on a wide-open dunk for Kansas 55-46.

Rush with the airball – yikes, that was ugly.

Damn, Jackson is playing like a man possessed. Good series for him. Love to see that from a bench player.

A&M is starting to settle for the outside shot. Bad idea. But Kansas has a lot of beef inside with Jackson and Kaun – they might not have much of a choice.


Wright runs the floor incredibly for a 6-8 guy. Collins nails another three to near 20 points on the night. Only at a school like Kansas could this guy be a bench player.

Kaun knocks the ball to Sloan, but A&M fails to score and KU continues to clean the glass.

Vitale is shouting. Thought I should mention that.

Both teams shooting 44% overall, but several of KU’s shots have been Collins 3’s, so the margin is still 6 in KU’s favor.


Steal by Law and he avoids the traveling call as he falls to the court. This is shaping up to be a good final five minutes, as the Aggies are still battling hard.

Carter blows a real good look. KU gets the ball back and slows it down.


Irvin says “Let me tell you what will win this game. Matchups, and deszjyer!”. What????????? Nice promo.

Kaun bricks a free-throw. He is so inconsistent. In the Oklahoma State win, he was a monster.

It’s a 4 point game! Law scores!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! My DVR just jumped to record “House” reruns. Who the hell is monkeying with my remote?


KU steals it, walks it up the court, score is still 64-58.

Jones playing tough for the Aggies despite having 4 fouls. He gets them the ball back.

Law gets the bucket and foul! What a heady play.

This live blog sponsored by Mylanta! The margin is 3 points, and A&M has the momentum. Still waiting for the Allen Fieldhouse faithful to get the REAL NOISE going!


Pompey and Kaun are knocking each other around. Not a bad idea to put Kaun on the line when you’re this close. He’s got 2 points and is 0-1 on Free Throws.

He misses AGAIN!!!!

Jones misses a three, but K-man gets the rebound and the foul. Excellent play.


If he makes this free throw, K-man ties the game with 1:00 to go. He makes it.

We have a ball game!

Nice, nice feed from Robinson to Wright, and he does the Plasticman thing with those long arms of his and gets the finger roll to fall.

44.3 seconds left, and KU up by 2.


Wright knocks it away from Law, but it goes out of bounds and stays with the Aggies.

Law hits the THREE!!! A&M up 67-66. Incredible comeback!

20.5 seconds left. This is going to be on the guards for KU. Can they get it up court against the inevitable pressure? I say take it at ’em and hope for the foul – a two will win it.


Collins, a true freshman, is on the floor for KU. Too many players on the floor! That was close, they barely got Jackson off the court on time to avoid the penalty.

Oh no. Shot too soon, and missed! A&M gets the ball with 5 secs and a free throw to go.

Made one. A&M 68-66.

Made two. KU needs the three to tie.


This is tense. They’ll trot out the guards, who are pretty decent from behind the arc. But I think A&M is well-coached enough to keep anyone from getting an open look.

Chalmers can’t make the three, and the Aggies win.

I’d like to take you back to this moment:


Oh, Dan Shulman – why did you have to say “A&M has NEVER beat Kansas”. You dirty jinxer.

I hear some KU fans booing, and that pisses me off. These guys played a clean game and won it. I give them their due respect.

And Billy Gillespie is rewarded with the Erin Andrews interview to finish the game.

Erin says “he’s shaking!” It’s not the win, it’s you, Erin.

A&M takes over sole possession of first place in the Big 12 and will probably move into the top 5 because of the upsets this week. Big ups to the new kids on the block. Looking forward to reversing the result, maybe in the Big 12 tournament?

Tune in and see!