Terry Bradshaw Wants To Tell You Something

Actually a lot of things. I don’t think I’ve ever read an article with more quotes than this one, but it’s pretty awesome. Among the topics that Bradshaw comments on with his hometown paper are: Tim Rattay, Ratings, FOX’s Pregame Show, Hitting a Lady in the Face with a Football, JaMarcus Russell, OBGYNs, The WAC Conference and Scheduling, Howie Long’s kids and my personal favorite…..People throwing Beer Cans at Jimmy Johnson.

“You don’t want to be in Philadelphia and say they don’t have a chance to win today because of this… Jimmy Johnson just took a beating,” Bradshaw said. “We had a full can of beer thrown at Jimmy and it hit the awning right above his head. If it would have hit him it’d been the hospital or could have killed him.

Yeah I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t have killed him, but that would have f’ing hurt. When I was in Highschool (Way back in 19 dickity two. We had to say dickity cause the Kaiser had stolen our word for 20.) I saw a kid get blasted with a Hawaiian Punch Can in the grill. Not Pretty.

Sorry for the diatribe…..back to Terry. He’s also taking shots at the 49ers organization for getting rid of fellow LA Tech grad Tim Rattay….

“I don’t understand it because Tim’s not someone who’s a problem. He’s a good locker room guy,” Bradshaw said. “I don’t know why in San Francisco that the fans got on him. That’s a sorry-assed football team. Horrible offensive line.”

Great stuff all-around from Bradshaw. And just for good measure……about that lady???

“I hit a lady in the face with a football. Knocked her down. She deserved it, though. The stuff she was saying.”



Bradshaw Speaks His Mind (Shreveport Times)