There was a great post on Swin Cash over at Sports Show on Mute the other day, and I wanted to add a couple of things.

I understand the train of thought when you’re hiring an ex-athlete. You want someone who’s been there and can tell you what things are like from a different perspective. Makes sense. But there is such a thing as overkill. You don’t need 4 ex-athlete analysts on a broadcast to make that point. One will suffice.

What makes it even worse is when you add one that can’t talk or form complete sentences. Swin isn’t alone in this category, but she’s a prime example. I would guess that probably over 70% of all ex-athletes are horrible analysts. These announcing hiring trends just take on a life of their own don’t they?

Sure there are some great ex-athlete broadcasters….but very few (Mark Jackson, Tim Legler, Stacy Dales, Kara Lawson, Troy Aikman off the top of my head). It’s not their fault because they haven’t been professionally trained, but let’s make sure they can talk before you throw them to the masses.

Here’s a clip of Swin Cash’s best work…..but before I play it you need to know a few things…..

1. Yes, I watched Bring It On 3 the other night.
2. Yes, I recorded it.
3. Yes, I know the movie is horrible
4. Yes, that’s Hayden Pantierre from Heros
5. Yes, she’s only 17.
6. Yes, I left the cheerleader competition on for obvious reasons. They are great athletes.


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