“There’s not enough time! There’s never enough time!!!”- Jesse Spano

Sorry to steal a quote from The Big Lead, but that’s exactly how I feel today. I’m running out of good weekday readers, and I teetering on the edge of the cliff dive of weekenders (I love you weekend readers don’t get me wrong). Either way I’m glad to provide you with the latest….albeit short…..installment of Super Bowl XXXXI previews (seriously what’s wrong with 4 Xs?).

For the ultra-hip radio version click Awful Announcing’s Brian Powell

Special thanks to the Rockstar Jamie at SBL for letting me pollute the airwaves and make Martha Quinn jokes (P.S.- That is my birth name, but please still call me AA…..I like the whole anonymous Superhero thing. Think of me like Max Power.).

Jim “Nancy” Nantz

To tell you the truth…..I can’t find anything wrong with the guy (trust me…I’ve tried). He’s a family man, wishes his dad was around to see him to his first Super Bowl, gives a kid his tie after every broadcast (true story), and can do every event from the craziness of the Final Four to the subtle drones of the Masters……”A tradition unlike any other”.

He has a propensity to use the word “guys” too much, but other than that he’s solid.

Current Grade: A

Phil “Cavemanateur” Simms

In between shooting Geico commercials and saving Autistic children (a very noble thing) Phil is an average broadcaster. I hated Phil when he worked with Greg Gumbel, but he’s grown on me a bit. He has great analysis during the game, but he’s one of those “I played the game, so you don’t see what I see” guys. That gets pretty damn annoying, and you’ll probably get some chatter about Super Bowl XXI.

Current Grade: C+

So love em’ or hate em’ you’ll have them for a good 3-4 hours on Sunday. I might be lurking around the Ebays on Saturday and Sunday, but I’ll be gone Monday. The string of calling out of work the day after the Super Bowl is over, and I will be in an all day meeting (trying not to sleep).

Enjoy the game if I don’t talk to you before noon on Sunday, and the AA official pick is Bears +7.

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