Well, it’s officially “after the Super Bowl” because I can’t find shiz to talk about on these here intrawebs. Here are a few Sports Media Notes that fall under the “you might care about this” tag. If you don’t then just play the Martin Lawrence clip over again. I find something new every time.

I was checking out the TV ratings for the NBA this year and I can’t really understand why less people are watching. There are so many more story lines going on this year as opposed to last year. I.E.- Anything Arenas does, A.I. to the Nuggets, the Carmelo incident, The Suns and Mavs, and the Celtics losing every game they play. I guess the main thing I’m happy about is the fact that TNT is still beating ESPN. (First #- ratings, Second #- Households in millions, Third #- number of telecasts….through Feb 1.)

ABC 2006-2007: 2.6/2,925,000/4, 2005-2006: 3.1/3,367,000/5 -16.1%
TNT 2006-2007: 1.3/1,156,000/30, 2005-2006: 1.4/1,275,000/32 -7.1%
ESPN 2006-2007: 1.2/1,094,000/41, 2005-2006: 1.2/1,118,000/32 0.0%

From Sports Biz Daily…..

SI.com has launched “Jenn X Road Trip,” a new video series produced by Chicago-based Intersport in which SI.com columnist Jenn Sterger visits six campuses during the college basketball season and reports on the game atmosphere, traditions, student body and party scene. Sterger will continue the series in the fall for football season

I know she’s not one of the best writers on the planet (I’m not one to talk), but that sure is a hell of a job.