So today is the day that I’ll be on with SBL, and guess who is joining them before me? None other than Joe Theismann! How about that?

I will most likely not be able to listen until right before I go on (last of the day….around 12:45), so I need you to badger him with questions to Jamie at DCSportsGuy (IM). You know….things like…..Have you ever picked a challenge call correctly? Why do you contradict yourself during broadcasts? Is it true that you have to score point to win a game?

You know things along those lines. Feel free to then bash me at 1245 after AJ from Deadspin and Michael David Smith from Fanhouse. I never actually thought anyone would hear my voice, so prepare yourselves (maybe I shouldn’t have made fun of Simmons so much), and let’s hope I come out looking as good as BDD from KSK. He seems to think he was bad, but I’d vote him best of the week. I mean who else could tell Jamie he’s cute and that he should do some coke while in Miami?

I’ll be back later with the final set of previews for Nancy and Simms (it will be mainly what you hear in the interview though), and Sam T will be live-blogging the Duke game tonight. Fun Times…..follow along won’t you? Won’t you!?!?

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