Look we all know how good they are. We’ve seen them play all season long, and god knows they don’t need motivation. Tom Brady is an amazing Quarterback and if I had to choose someone to start my franchise with I’d pick him over Peyton Manning in a heartbeat. With that said, Jim Nantz and Phil Simms’ coverage of yesterday’s game was some of the most biased I’ve ever seen.

Let’s start with Nantz. The normally straight laced Play by Player was almost giddy when Brady would go back to pass. During the Flea Flicker-Fumble it sounded like he was leaping out of the booth. Now I know that’s an exciting play, but on a similar call when Big Ben hit Davenport on a wheel route, Nantz almost seemed disappointed. Jim even got verbally upset at the end of the game when Simms brought up Anthony Smith’s comments. The Lead almost went as far as calling him an idiot in a “don’t pick on MY Brady!” sort of way. He seemed offended that someone would trash talk the QB while showing video of Brady yawing at Smith after the Pats first TD.

Now for Phil Simms. In plays which occurred about five minutes apart from each other Simms bashed Roethlisberger for overthrowing a receiver and praised Tom Brady for doing the exact same thing. Brady threw high to Randy Moss in the endzone and Simms went even so far as to analyze the throw saying it was perfect. The analyst blamed Moss for not hauling in the “high heater” as he called it. Later in the quarter Big Ben threw high to Nate Washington and after the receiver dropped his second pass in a row Simms analyzed Ben’s throw by saying it got away from him.

These were just two examples and again we get how good the Patriots are, but Brady is not perfect. The Steelers put pressure on him early and forced him into some pretty tough throws in the first half. He had to throw it away multiple times and missed on some hot routes throughout the game.

I understand that the Patriots are a huge ratings boom for CBS, and will continue to be throughout the season, but this was just a ridiculous display of pandering to the almighty Tom Brady. It was the biggest display of such behavior outside of every Brett Favre game covered by John Madden.

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