Every time I feel the urge to make one of my standard, “I feel old” cracks, I’m probably going to think of Elsie McLean and immediately reconsider.

I don’t know if Elsie FEELS old, but she certainly IS old – 102 years and counting. Despite her age, however, she was still out there on the golf course at Bidwell Park on Thursday, teeing off with her driver on the fourth hole, a 100-yard par 3. Not incredible enough for you, the fact that she was there? Okay, try this one:

She scored a hole-in-one.

Really. Not only is Elsie McLean active enough to golf two or three times a week, not only is she good enough to hit the green with her first shot, she managed to just go ahead and become the oldest person ever to score an ace. If previous record holder Harold Stilson of Boca Raton, Florida is still alive (his goal was to make it to 2004 so he could renew his driver’s licence), he must be pissed: that’s the sort of record you figure will hold up for awhile, not a lousy six years.

Elsie is planning on celebrating with an appearance on The Tonight Show on April 24. The fact that she didn’t really want to do it helps answer this question, but really: April 24? That’s seventeen days away. Do the people who book guests for the show realize that she’s 102 years old? Get her on there Monday, for crying out loud.

(Photo credit: Chico News & Review – the picture actually is Elsie McLean. It was included in the linked article, which was written about the 100th anniversary of Bidwell Park in 2005.)

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