I love coming across items like this….just love it. This is a list of possible speakers for your Conference, Event, Bar Mitzvah, Graduation, etc. that features the pricing of some of the Industry’s most prominent Sports Broadcasters and Writers. They are ranked below in order from highest to lowest price and where they travel from…you know so you can know how much gas you’re going to have to pay for John Madden to bus it there.

$50,001 and above:

1. Bill Parcells (Travels From: Texas – TX)
2. Bob Costas
3. Charles Barkley
4. Chris Berman (Travels From: Hell – HL)
5. Dan Marino
6. Darrell Waltrip (Travels From: North Carolina – NC)
7. Deion Sanders
8. Emmitt Smith (Travels From: Texas – TX)
9. Howie Long (Travels From: Virginia – VA)
10. John Madden
11. Steve Young (Travels From: California – CA)
12. Troy Aikman (Travels From: Texas – TX)

$30,001 to $50,000:

1. Al Michaels (Travels From: California – CA)
2. Bill Cowher (Travels From: North Carolina – NC)
3. Dick Vermeil (Travels From: California – CA)
4. Jimmy Johnson (Travels From: Florida – FL)

$20,001 to $30,000:

1. Jim Nantz (Travels From: California – CA)
2. Bill Clement (Travels From: Pennsylvania – PA)
3. Bob Griese (Travels From: Florida- FL)
4. Boomer Esiason (Travels From: New York- NY)
5. Chris Collinsworth (Travels From: Ohio-OH)
6. Dan Dierdorf (Travels From: Missouri-MO)
7. Dan Fouts (Travels From: Missouri – MO)
8. Dan Patrick (Travels From: Connecticut – CT)
9. Dick Enberg (Travels From: California – CA)
10. Gary McCord (Travels From: Ohio – OH)
11. James Brown (Travels From: District of Columbia – DC, Washington)
12. Jim Lampley (Travels From: California – CA )
13. Lynn Swann (Travels From: Pennsylvania – PA)
14. Phil Simms (Travels From: New York – NY)
15. Rick Reilly (Travels From: Colorado – CO)
16. Robin Roberts (Travels From: Connecticut – CT, New York – NY)

$10,001 to $20,000:

1. Jim Palmer (Travels From: California – CA)
2. John Feinstein
3. Bart Connor (Travels From: Oklahoma – OK)
4. Greg Gumbel (Travels From: Connecticut – CT)
5. Kenny Smith (Travels From: Texas – TX)
6. Larry McReynolds (Travels From: North Carolina – NC)
7. Lee Corso
8. Mike Tirico (Travels From: Michigan – MI)
9. Orel Hershiser (Travels From: Texas – TX)
10. Rebecca Lobo (Travels From: Connecticut – CT)
11. Ron Jaworski (Travels From: New Jersey – NJ)

$5,001 to $10,000:

1. Christine Brennan

Other Notables: Dan O’Brien, Dominique Dawes ($5K-10K), Greg Louganis ($10K-20K), Jack Nicklaus ($100K+), The Jensen Bros ($5K-10K), Jim “The Rookie” Morris ($10K-20K), Lance Armstrong ($200K+), Martin Short ($100k+, I have no idea why he was in the Sports section), Michael Strahan ($10K-20K, might want to bump that up Mike), Reggie Jackson ($30K-50K), Rudy Reuttiger ($10K-2oK), Steve Spurrier ($20K-30K), Tim McCarver (call for pricing)

And my personal favorite…..Leslie Nielsen ($50K+)

Enrico Pallazzo costs money people!!!

The high-end folks are just listed at $50,001 and up, and could ultimately be more. There are a helluva lot of good deals in there aren’t there? I’m going to start up a Paypal fund and if each of you that came to the site last month donates a dollar, we could get Charles Barkley to host the First Annual Pammy Awards and about 5-8 more to be presenters (depending on the price). That will take up the majority of the funds though so we’ll have to host the thing in the conference room of the Best Western in Alexandria, Virginia.

Who’s making the trip???

All American Talent & Celebrity Network (All American Speakers.com)

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