I didn’t really comment on this when it came out two weeks ago because I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, but apparently it is. NBA Coaches were told that they were going to be mic’d from here on out and they were none too happy about the executive decision.

Well fast forward to last Wednesday when Utah was playing Phoenix. Jazz Coach Jerry Sloan is mic’d up by ESPN and he curses. Who does he blame? ESPN of course….

“They told me there wouldn’t be any mistakes,” Sloan said. “I was guaranteed that there would be nothing that would go over the air, when they first came out and talked about (putting a camera and microphone in the locker room) — a guarantee that there will be nothing that will be harmful to you. Now I end up the bad guy right off the bat.

“They misrepresented the whole situation to me,” he added. “There’s nothing I can do about it. I just work here.”

I’m pretty sure ESPN didn’t want the curse on TV as much as Sloan, so he’s going a bit overboard there, but in all honesty……who didn’t see this coming? I mean mistakes are going to happen, but it’s live television. If I were the coaches I would just curse every other word and they’ll eventually stop putting the mics on you.

Sloan irked about ESPN’s mistake (Desert Morning News)

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