I had no idea this was coming, but I (and S2N who alerted me of this) were surprised to see all of the NFL Network’s Studio on set for the Halftime show of the Notre Dame-USC game. It was apparently planned though although no one in the industry seemed to have any notion that this change was taking place…..

The NFL Network will produce the studio halftime show for the USC vs. Notre Dame game on NBC on Saturday, Oct. 20, featuring analysis by NFL Network analysts Steve Mariucci, Deion Sanders and Marshall Faulk of NFL Total Access on Location.

The agreement between NBC Sports and the NFL Network is part of an increased collaboration between the two that also includes NFL Network’s Alex Flanagan serving as the sideline reporter for Notre Dame football on NBC, and NFL Network and NBC simulcasting the pre-game show for NFL Opening Kickoff 2007 on Sept. 6.

The Notre Dame halftime show on Oct. 20 will be produced by NFL Network game producer Mark Loomis, and will be hosted by NFL Network’s Rich Eisen.

My hatred for Eisen aside….does this seem weird to anyone else? How can a network that provides you with coverage of the NFL all week all of sudden switch to College coverage on Saturday? It makes no sense to me. Maybe the NFL Network is following the ESPN model of only caring about and reporting on USC and Notre Dame, and this was their only in? I have no idea, but it was weird and pretty awkward on that set.

NFL Net to Produce NBC’s ND/USC Studio Show (Mediaweek)