Not to pile on here, and go into overkill on the whole Gus Johnson thing, but did anyone stay awake during JB and Elmore’s games this weekend? They made an 8 point Florida/Oregon game feel like shuffle board at my grandmother’s retirement home. Here are a couple of notes…..

  1. From RUTS……”Len Elmore is awfully fond of the phrase “penetrate and kick”. Seriously, in the two games I saw them do….I heard that probably 40 times. I understand that coming up with new terms is hard, but give it a shot Lenny.
  2. From Grimey…..By the way, I think about the possibility of Gus Johnson calling this game, and I cry on the inside. Tell me about it.
  3. From Grimey…..JB already tried to say that Butler’s Eric Green was Sidney Green’s kid (it’s Taurean Green from Florida). Ugh.
  4. Calling a game with a voice devoid of any emotion should not be allowed ever. In the history of Announcers have the great ones ever not been excited at some point? (See: Marv Albert)
  5. Great post from Quick Slants on JB and Elmore slowing down the earth’s rotation.

If you actually enjoyed them on any broadcast please let me know. Personally, I thought they were awful. I know JB had it in his contract to do these games, but couldn’t you have waited until he did more than 1 game in the regular season?