A young Tony Dungy as a Steelers coach with Chuck Noll and future Colts O-coordinator Tom Moore.

New rules for this half: given the propensity and probability that this half will consist mostly of three and outs, I will, rather than try to get the game action, catalog the myriad of non-Colts or Titans related subjects John and Al touch on. Of course, big plays and scores will still be noted, but these may be few and far between right now. If you’d like to help out, please do so in comments (like you don’t already.)

“I always look forward to a big implosion. This building will be torn down, but not exploded.” – JM. He must love his trips to the restroom in the Madden Cruiser.

Also, a 2nd half three and out count will be used. That #1 for the Colts this half. They’re now talking about the Colts’ new dome, of course. I think John just called the RCA Dome a pimple. Colts recover a fumble by LenDale White. He’d never have dropped it if it were a sandwich.

Apparently if Sorgi gets hurt, Peyton comes back in. Cleveland is hoping Albert Haynesworth stomps on Sorgi’s face.

Players from the Ivy League — apparently Clifton Dawson is a Hah-vahd man. TOUCHDOWN COLTS — Sorgi rifles it to Craphonso Thorpe. Kick is good, 10-7, Colts.

Chris Henry (not the Bengal) just got DESTROYED on that kick off return. That’s gonna leave a mark. “If that was a heavyweight fight he’d have to take a standing eight count.” – Madden.

No three and out this time, VY picks up a first down, but comes up limping a bit — and he’s taking himself out of the game now after the next play. Here comes Kerry Collins. Drink, people, because you know Kerry did today. Penalty-fest: false start, delay of game, then offsides on the Colts, yeesh.

Madden said reid was pointing to the top of his head and he didnt know why. John he was pointing the name on his back because like all athletes today he wanted everyone to know who he is because he made a play. – Steve


Truly AMAZING stuff on NBATV in the Celtics vs Lakers game. The Lakers are going “old-school” and this ain’t your regular old school. They have super short shorts on like shorter then John Stockton. You have to see this. – Brett

I’m in SoCal, so it’s on the Fox Sports here — and all I can say is, “I see London, I see France, I see Kobe’s underpants.”

Bironas kicks a FG for the Titans after the Collins-led drive stalls. 10-10 all.

The other good part about Fox Sports here is that there are two channels: one is showing the regular game feed with announcers while the other is just using the sideline cameras and such; they call it “Lakers Sideline.” All you get are these cameras and the P.A. announcer — with a sideline reporter doing dorky interviews with Andy Garcia and Lakers VP Jeanie Buss before the game (and she sounds less like an exec VP than a total Laker groupie.)

VY ain’t coming back with that strained calf, people — no matter how questionable Andrea Kremer says he is. Third quarter over.

Take notice-that could be the only time you ever hear a “Let’s go Sorgi” chant in an NFL stadium – Sam

It must be nice to be Jim Sorgi. Get paid a good salary, don’t have to do jack shit of consequence ever because Peyton’s never hurt at all. Now, there’s shots of Peyton playing offensive coordinator on the sidelines with Sorgi. That’s the only part that’s gotta suck, and the look on Sorgi’s face was priceless; “Dammit, I don’t wanna listen to this asshat” while saying “Yeah, Peyton, you got it.” I dare say Jim Sorgi had Eli Manning face on him while getting a priceless pep talk from Peyton.

“They’re not saying ‘boo’, they’re saying ‘Luke’, aren’t they?” – JM

Three and out #2 this half for the Colts.

Vince Young injured in a game John Madden commentates……now there’s a coincidence 😉 Madden jinx!!! – Mark B
The only NFL job easier than Peyton’s backup is the Patriots’ punter. – Jet City Gambler

JM: “There are some things you can do in the locker room on a table that you just can’t do on the field.” – (via False Rumour Monger)

(shivers in fear) VY’s running back to the sideline now, but I doubt he’s getting back on the field at all.

Via The Sporting Blog comes a replay of the Reid hit on Henry

Damn, AA — it’s tough to watch that again. I’m awaiting the Kerry Collins that never fails to throw a timely pick, and he’s been close to it with the past two passes. Here comes Bironas for a field goal to go ahead. It’s good, 13-10, Titans.

So, Browns fans, your hopes lie on the shoulders of Jim Sorgi. Might as well get ready for the off-season now. Antoine Odom just teabagged Sorgi. After an incomplete and a pass that’s short, that’s #3 three and out for the Colts. Titans have it at the Colts 47.

The Titans are trying to eat clock right now by running the ball. Well, they were. Collins is gunslinging it down the field for first down after first down.

If you missed it, Andrea Kremer talked about text-messaging Willie McGinest, who’s apparently waiting with baited breath to see if he goes to the playoffs. My guess is that Kremer got McGinest’s number, hoping he still had Tom Brady’s. Bironas nails another field goal, 16-10, Titans.

How much of a “fuck you” would it be if Peyton, Clark, and Wayne came back in right now to get a game-winning touchdown?

“It’s the month of the Collinses.” – AM. I smell conspiracy — two square-jawed dudes named Collins in their late thirties come in to replace young, black quarterbacks in VY and Jason Campbell — Collinses don’t care about black people.

The receiver should have come down with that Sorgi pass, and we get “Another One Bites the Dust,” presumably for Browns fans. This sucker’s over, Titans will get into the playoffs with a 16-10 victory. I’m going over to Celtics-Lakers, and I presumably will see you next Saturday once AA and I work out who’s live-blogging what for Wild Card Weekend.