Ah, fitting that we start the third with Mr. Kicker about town, don’t you think? I’m in absolute shock at having a lead right now, and am convinced that Shanny will find some way to blow it. Glenn Martinez takes a knee for the touchback.

And two or three plays in, Jay matches Ben pick for pick with one over the middle, telegraphing his pass.

I missed the halftime show due to the SoCal local coverage of the wildfires. Who did Keith name as the Worst Person of the Week?

Larry Foote INT. Parker’s runs are going nowhere.

I didn’t watch the halftime show by choice. Roethlisberger’s runs apparently do go somewhere, though, but safety Nick Ferguson just gave Parker a face plant.

Roethlisberger takes advantage and hits Holmes in the end zone. Reed’s kick is good, 21-14, Broncos.

TD Holmes. Watching the replay, I expected a Broncos challenge that he did not have control of the ball just because it feels like nothing is breaking our way this game.

Jesus, kids! Between S2N, TSW, and the commenters, we’ve got more martyrs than persecutors! Doesn’t anyone have a lick of confidence in anyone wearing their team colors tonight? – Tuffy

Dummy says it best: Not much, tuffy…Cutler always scares the hell out of me and out defense sucks shit.

I’m enjoying this, but I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop. Selvin Young picks up a 3rd and 14 for a first down on a dumpoff, and I’m still holding on to this guy for when Travis Henry is eventually suspended and I need a fantasy replacement.

Jesus, Lamar Woodley just punished Cutler and made him fumble…at least Marshall fell on it.

The Steelers D has let the Broncos convert on 3 and 14 twice now. Time’s running out in the third.

And Cutler gets it to Schieffler for six more after hurling a screen pass to Marshall that got about 20, kick is good. 28-14, Broncos. End of the third. One more thread, coming up!