Jay Cutler had to be a stoner in college. No, John, I don’t want to know what Barrel Man is wearing underneath. And Cutler pulls a Jake the Snake, throwing an INT in the end zone to start the 2nd quarter.

Did you notice that Barrel Man had a sticked on his barrel that said, “Farewell Tour 2007-2008”? Where the hell does he need to go? Niagara Falls?

Ben continues to scare the crap out of Steeler fans everywhere by heaving the ball when the pressure is on.

Pitt blows the opportunity and a good long run by Willie Parker, winding up punting when Ben overthrows Hines Ward on third down after getting crazy protection at midfield. The Broncos don’t fare any better and they punt it right back to the Steelers, who have it back at their own 32.

Yep, it figures. As soon as Al and John talk up the youth on the Broncos D-line and how well they’re playing, Ben throws it for a first down to Santonio Holmes on 3rd and 14. Tomlin is challenging the ruling that the next pass to Ward was incomplete. (Bump music: R.E.M.’s “Orange Crush”.)

I really don’t think a big enough deal is made out of the fact that Dick LeBeau is 70 years old. He hollers at Troy with the energy of a 55 year old.

Tomlin challenges the ruling of an incomplete pass to Ward, who looks great in his first game back.

And that’s another Roethlisberger pick, as D.J. Williams takes the tipped pass. That’s really on the receiver, too. He got his hands on it. “The mind of Uri Geller and the mastery of Criss Angel”? Pass, please, on Phenomenon.

Cutler scampers for 31 yards and gets 15 more when Troy Polamalu hits him helmet-to-helmet. That’ll get him another chewing out from LeBeau, I think.

Was Jay Cutler just running free in the Steelers secondary, yelling “SMEAR ME! SMEAR ME!,” and no Steeler was armed with his cootie spray? – Tuffy

On 3rd and goal, Cutler goes for the play fake and tosses it to Cecil Sapp for the touchdown. 14-7, Broncos, after the extra point.

Steelers have yet to put any real pressure on the Cutler. At what point to we get to blame the bad play on the cold?

You don’t get to blame anything on the cold. Football Rule: no cold-weather team can blame its sucking on the cold on the road.

Roethlisberger is sacked by Elvis Dumervil, and Tim Crowder TAKES IT TO THE HOUSE! 21-7 on Elam’s extra point.

Did Madden just say that the Broncos are rallying around the fact they are being over-shadowed by the Rockies?

Ben’s sacked again. God let’s score before the half. Anything that shows that the team as been awake since the opening drive.

When did the Broncos turn into last year’s Baltimore Ravens? I think that’s four times that Ben’s been sacked so far as we hit the two-minute warning.

Dear Steelers,

This is 2007, not 2006. So, wake the fuck up. – peytonloveskenny

That’s probably a clean version of the sentiment right now. Dumb penalties on the Steelers right now — including that last holding penalty as Ben avoids another sack, which keeps them out of field goal range with eight seconds left on the clock.

Madden just compared Dumervil to Mike Tyson due to his size and impact after yet another sack on Ben. I know he didn’t mean it that way, but comparing anyone non-boxing to Mike Tyson doesn’t really work. Jeff Reed is trying a 65-yard field goal, and of course it’s short. Dre Bly runs it out of bounds after thinking of pulling a Devin Hester and running it back for a touchdown.

Tomlin, please replace the entire OL at the half. KTHX BI.

Jeff Reed just misses NFL history and 65 yard field goal attempt. That could get a kicker a lot of drunken chicks throwing themselves at him. Or at least, more than usual.

21-7, Broncos at the half. Everyone check out the baseball game, and we’ll be back.