You gotta start it with a photo of Big Ben drunk. If I’ve got to deal with the Broncos likely getting beat up by one of the best teams in the AFC, then I need to at least have some fun with this. Oh, just for reference: TSW is in bold, I’m in regular text.

How does it snow sideways in Denver, Al? Eventually all of it falls to the ground.

TheStarterWife – Always the drunken photo. Why is it never a picture of Ben being totally cute?

See? Much better.

I don’t do cute. I do embarrassing, although sometimes it’s much more difficult to find embarrassing. Roethislisberger makes it easy. This whole “Champ Bailey being out” stuff just makes it worse. Now the Steelers will be able to throw on the Broncos, too….

Broncos will kick off to Allen Rossum, and it goes out of bounds. Steelers will start at their own 40. Is there anything more vile in the uniform world than solid color home unis? God-awful, Denver. Ben gets a throwgasm out of the way early, going 40 yards to Nate Washington on 3rd and 7.

I would like to thank Heath Miller for making sure I can relax and watch the baseball game for at least the next minute or two with that TD. And for what Madden calls the, “block, block, block, block.

Cutler hurls it over the middle to Tony Schieffler, the backup TE, as I prepare myself of an evening of Jake the Snake-like behavior down the road. Next one goes to Stokley, starting for an injured Javon Walker. The Broncos are going down the field about as quick as the Steelers did. We may have a shootout on our hands if this is how it’s going to go.

“[Travis] Henry is one of those guys who has moves on moves in the hole.” – JM

I’m sure there are nine women with children in various parts of the South who can agree with that statement, John.

Obviously the football gods heard me mention baseball, because they are punishing me not only with a Broncos TD, but with a Sox run at the same time. I swear I will never cheat again.

The Football Gods do not tolerate channel surfing. You know, I’d not listened to any Living Colour in a while. Thanks, NBC. Seriously.

ALERT: We would like to inform you that J.D. Drew is no longer clutch; he hit into a double play with the bases loaded. Aaaaannnnd we have our first John Elway reference, mentioning his son Jack committing to Arizona State for next year.

DOUBLE ALERT: The Broncos get a 3 and out. Who knew! Now they’re taking it down the offensive end, and Cutler is looking for Stokley more and more.

We’re not even out of the 1st Qtr and we’re already hearing comparisons of Tomlin to Cowher, with the obligatory, “That’s Steelers football.” Which of course means Ben gets picked deep down field.

Fox is telling me Budweiser is the Great American Beer, but NBC is telling me Coors is the Banquet Beer. Are banquets unAmerican now? Do terrorists often have banquets where they give out awards and discuss the yearly financials, maybe? – Tuffy

Budweiser is engaging in a scorched earth campaign against its recently merged rivals for the dollar of the piss-water jingo beer drinker. First quarter’s over, 7-7 all.

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