Still with me? Okay, good, we’ll get through this together. Fortunately, it looks like the Eagles are getting something resembling a “drive” going.

“buckhalter tries to corral it”
-Al Michaels was probably working on that pun all commercial break – Sam

Bears/Packers next Sunday.

Can’t they “flex” yet? – Anon

Seriously. I’m not looking forward to an interception fest full of Favre fellatio, but I’m going to do it for you. McNabb gets whaled on on first down, and a screen pass doesn’t work on 2nd. And Sack #9 comes on 3rd down. Akers is going to try a 50+ yard field goal…oh, wait. Time out.

Is this “Cute Couples” week on AA? – OPS

You’re calling Tara Reid cute?

Here’s a good question….is Elisha drinking an MGD in that photo? – AA

Looks like a match to me based on label. David Akers hits a 53 yard FG, making it 16-3, Giants.

“The Pulse, Philadelphia hasn’t had much of one offensively.” – AM

Eagles force the Giants into another three and out, and Philly will start (or try to) at their own 29. Mitchell drops a near pick that Buckhalter couldn’t handle. That’s sack #10 on McNabb, I think — although he may have been at the line of scrimmage — yes it is, and there’s #11, and number 5 for Osi Umenyiora. Eagles punt it back, and I think we just got My Chemical Romance for the bump music.

OH DAMN! Did you see Matthews broken finger! – AA

Yes, and it was straight out of that Sprint NFL commercial where dude is in the training room and they fix a dislocated finger. Giants are playing ball control now, rushing it with Ward for another first down.

I love how all the analysts and media are so high on Eli this year. He’s done the same thing every year and falls apart once the temperature dips below 50 degrees. I can’t wait for November to roll around. Maybe we can get the Man Whale under center – Jeremy

Man Whale, huh? That’s a new one. I’m still sticking with the Pillsbury Throwboy.

Wasting more time on a 3rd and 5, and an incomplete. Giants will be punting, and of course, Michaels makes a uniform reference. Punt is taken back around the 25 of Philly or so.

“No one could have liked those uniforms.” – JM
“They’re strictly for the birds.” – AM

Very punny, Al. Buckhalter rushes for a first down. Philly is rushing it, Buckhalter gets to the 45 on a pass, and McNabb sneaks it for a first down. I’m fairly sure they’re out of time outs or only have one left, and are getting it going as fast as they can. McNabb completes to Kevin Schobel to get into Giant territory. Buckhalter catches the next pass, gets a first down, and gets out of bounds.

NBC just flashed the Oakland-Miami score, which is a sufficient basis for me to point out that I started Daunte Culpepper on both my teams today, which will give me two of the biggest bullshit wins in fantasy football history. – OPS

The Culpepper Vengenace Tour: betcha people who got burned by him the last two years when he was on their teams got burned when someone else picked him up today.

McNabb almost got hit for sack #12 and throws it incomplete on 2nd and 14. He then hurls it to Reggie Brown in the end zone, but McNabb was across the line of scrimmage. Loss of down, five yards back, and 4th down with 18 to go — McNabb goes down again via Osi Umenyiora, and as an Anon mentioned in the comments, Winston Justice is not making USC look very good right now.

“There’s no justice because they didn’t give Justice any help, which would have been more jsstice than Justice got.” – JM. Huh?

Has anyone ever considered that Winston Justice is actually under a lot more pressure than the white left tackles? – Anon

Two minute warning. The nightmare is almost over. Reuben Droughns gets the last first down to put this game away.

What’s longer, the first-down chain, or Madden’s tie? – OPS

That’s a lot of gut to cover. Final score is 16-3, Giants. Thanks for coming by, and see you next week for Packers-Bears. Drop by Signal to Noise some time, won’t you?

Oh, and I didn’t want to jinx it — but we made it through the entire game without that annoying “1,2,3,4” iPod commercial airing (at least in my area). Small victories.

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