Shockey and Tara really looked like a fitting couple.

Getting reaction from Peyton Manning on Brett Favre’s record during the halftime show, plus the utterly useless “Line of Scrimmage” skit on high school football, especially since I read about the whole Texarkana showdown in SI this week. Olbermann finally gets a “Worst Persons in the NFL” right for once with the Chargers’ Dean Spanos and A.J. Smith.

Andrea Kremer is looking more and more like an adult Macaulay Culkin every day. It’s frightening.

Eagles get the ball to start, and the Giants defense is absolutely destroying Philly’s O-line early, and McNabb throws an incomplete. Mattias Kiwanuka sacks him on third down, and that’s going to be a three and out at a time they didn’t need one.

Either Genesis or Phil Collins on that music bump. I don’t know and I don’t care which one it actually is.

Did John Madden just say he could eat something for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Who could doubt him?

Derrick Ward just gets assaulted while trying to get on the outside — but of course! Another Philly penalty for a 15-yard face mask! Ward gets less on the next carry in Eagles territory. He gets some positive yardage on the next carry. A 3rd and 9 pass doesn’t get the yardage, and Feagles’ punt is downed at the Philly 1 yard line. Kylie Minogue for music? What connection does she have to Jersey?

“‘I love Peanut Butter, I eat it for Breakfest, Lunch and Dinner ‘ – JM. What dinner meal involves peanut butter” – Cory

Oh, I’m sure you can come up with something.

“I own John Runyon.” – Michael Strahan, who really shouldn’t be talking about owning ANYONE with his divorce settlement. Another sack for Osi Umenyiora — number 4 on the game — and eventually his uniform number is just going to rub off and bleed all over McNabb’s.

“I’m confounded…how does NY give up 45 to the ‘Boys, the Eagles drop 56 last week, and then the NY defense is absolutely manhandleing the Eagles. Someone please explain.” – Dummy

Ask and ye shall receive:

“Well dummy, Andy Reid calls a pass play 80% of the time. Makes the defensive coordinators job really easy.” – Brett
“I would guess it has something to do with the fact that Philadelphia hasn’t done a single thing to discourage a pass-rush intensive defensive unit from pinning their ears back, and almost totally ignoring a tailback that is more productive than the passing game.” – OPS

Now that’s hard hitting analysis. The Eagles punt is brought back across midfield, and the Giants are getting every advantage on the field right now.

I swear, there must be a factory where they produce “Our Country”-like songs for TV ads with plenty of mountains, amber waves of grain, all the stuff you find in flyover country — because that’s where they got that “Changes’ crap for Coors (or, in my vocabulary, Colorado Kool-Aid.)

Ward gets another couple of rushes to set up a 3rd and 3, and the Giants are playing it fairly conservatively for a team up only by a touchdown with a full quarter and more left — and as I type that, Toomer can’t reel in the pass, and the Giants will be punting. I hate to start espousing theories from the Tuesday Morning Douchebag at ESPN’s Page 2, but if you’ve got it on your opponent’s 35 with less than five to go and you’ve owned them all night, fucking go for it.

Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” takes us out. I think I misspelled that properly.

After a bad run on 1st, Buckhalter barrels through to the nine. 3rd and 2, and a first down for Tony Hunt. Now, we’ve got Andrea Kremer in ghostly echo.

I’d guess Philly fans would be really wrecked about how badly they’re playing, but they’re probably all getting soused, celebrating the Phillies. McNabb goes down again, this time via Kiwanuka — that’s number 8.

Cameron Diaz is in a cave at the stadium apparently. – AA
Who gives a flying fuck that Cameron Diaz is at the game? Seriously. – Anon
I don’t give a fuck that she is at the game, but would fuck her at the game. – Dummy

Agreed, but I would care more if it was Mask-era Diaz as opposed to the tree branch currently going by the name of Cameron Diaz. Oh look, Philly punted again. Eli rolls it out to Jeremy Shockey past midfield and again into Eagle territory.


mcnabb completions = 6

number of eagle punts = 6.

RACISM. – odessasteps

The Eagles offensive line doesn’t care about black quarterbacks.

Eli goes deep and Philly gets a PI flag for knocking Amani Toomer out of the path. 1st and goal, Ward gets fuck-all nothing. Manning throws incomplete to Toomer on 2nd and goal.

“I think Eli Manning finally has this game down.” – JM. Um, sure, passing to Burress behind the line of scrimmage on 3rd down shows he and this coaching staff have the game down. Throw it to the end zone. Lozo must be pissed. Tynes FG is up and good, 10-0 Giants.

A completed McNabb pass, another flag — this time on the Giants. ANOTHER fumble by McNabb on the no-huddle during the handoff, and Sam Mitchell picks it up and takes it in for six. Philly fans are too drunk celebrating the Phillies to care, and Andy Reid is now challenging whether it was a touchdown or Mitchell was down.

“the giants d line let Brett Favre and Tony Romo roam free, but as soon as a black QB comes to play, Jason Cambell and Mcnabb, they turn up the heat
this is despicable, i demand a town hall meeting” – Sam

I don’t care who you are, that’s just funny.

“John Madden is calling Eli Manning calm.

Somewhere, Tom Brady is realizing that being called calm by John Madden is not really a compliment.” – OMDQ

Play is upheld, and so is that touchdown. Kick is up — and it hits the upright. 16-0, Giants.

Eagles manage to get a first down out to their own 36. Nice of you to show up, Kevin Curtis. If you jumped on Curtis for your fantasy team after last week, you’re probably really disappointed.

And that’s the end of the third quarter, I believe. 16-0, Giants.