I guess Kenny Chesney has a special relationship with both Manning brothers. Al and John are coming up.

By the way, Brian Westbrook is out tonight, I believe, so make it Eagles 21-17. I think McNabb will step up again and get a bit of help, but it’s going to be close.

I’ve developed Stockholm Syndrome when it comes to “Our Country,” so much so that I’ve caught myself singing along at times. I should go cut my tongue out now.

Oh, and Westbrook is a confirmed scratch. Manning and the Giants offense will start on their own 20 after a touchback on the kickoff. Derrick Ward rushes for 8, and the Giants get off to a rousing start by getting called for holding immediately on that play.

“There is no 68.” – AM, as the ref calls it on a phantom offensive lineman (it’s eventually corrected.) Sgt. Hartman (Tom Coughlin) proceeds to bitch out Phantom O-Lineman as he floats towards the sidelines.

“Chris Gocong, Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo.” It’s kind of weird to hear that Cal Poly produces NFL players. Seriously. Most of what we’re good for up here and known about in terms of football is for unleashing John Madden upon the world. Giants go three and out after the holding call, and Jeff Feagles punts it to Reno Mahe — who promptly fumbles while being tackled, and there’s another flag on the play. Philly keeps the ball, but the flag sends ’em back a bit.

Note to Michael Strahan: calling it “THE Texas Southern University” does not necessarily make it more prestigious or impressive. It’s still douchey. And McNabb is sacked for a three and out, so maybe there is some extra arrogance provided behind the “THE.” Or maybe it’s just that the Eagles offensive line stinks early. Punt to McQuarters, and he’s nailed after a few yards.

We’re at the Meadowlands, and the music bump is, of course, Springsteen.

Over/under on how many times Eagles punter Sav Rocca’s nationality is mentioned: 5.

First play is a dropped pass by Amani Toomer. He reels in the next Manning throw for our first 1st down of the game.

Derrick Ward was academically ineligible to play at Fresno State TWICE. My understanding, based on working with some folks who have gone to Fresno State, is that doing that takes a lot of work. He was also a gofer on a movie set, doing thankless work that apparently taught him “humility.”

Toomer catches another one for another first down. Eli hooks up with Plaxico Burress for another first down.

“Burress is the kind of guy that would be Allen Iverson’s favorite player. Practice?!? Practice?? He does anything but practice.” – AM

Ward takes the short pass from Manning and has what looks like a first down — and this Eagles defense looks awful real early, real fast. Reuben Droughns gets stuffed on a 3rd and 1; always amusing when the so-called “short yardage back” can’t get the short yardage. Here comes Tynes, and the kick is wide right. The Eagles’ offense will get it with decent field position.

Correll Buckhalter reels off 25 rushing yards on the first two plays on this drive — and then gets hit in the backfield on the next play.

“If you hit someone like that, that’s the way you do it. You could put on a clinic.” – AM

Another Eagle first down at the Giant 39, via Buckhalter and another 10+ yard run. McNabb tosses an incomplete to Kevin Curtis, who slips a bit. Curtis then proceeds to drop the next pass as it goes through his hands. Looks as if all his magical Possession Receiver Powers are lost when not wearing the ugly-as-fuck throwbacks from last week. McNabb gets sacked, and Rocca punts it.

“Rocca tries to pooch-punt, and that was a runt.” – AM

Why the fuck am I watching highlights and opens of Brett Favre? Oh, any excuse will work, even a short QB recap. Still, annoying overkill. Yes, Al and John, we know you would suck Favre dry if given the opportunity in real life like you do on air. No need for more.

Nice hurdling of the defensive player by Ward. Dare I say at this point that he’s being used in a Westbrook sort of manner right now.

“I thought Brett Favre retired, didn’t you?” – AM
“Uh, no,” – JM, followed by more Favre fellatio.

Just stop it, guys. Please. It has nothing to do with the game currently on the television. First quarter is over, in a scoreless tie, and they’ve talked more about Brett Favre than the game on the field.

That, plus Lozo’s live-blog of this live-blog is getting more comments. It’s gonna be a long night.

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