This is Antonio Ramiro Romo hanging with L.A. cover band Metal Shop, I believe. Robbie Gould kicks off, and let’s see if someone’s offense can do ANYTHING in the second half.

Not good for the Bears: Lance Briggs has a groin injury. Crayton gets eight on a pass, T.O. gets a first down on a completed pass on the next play. Amazing catch on 3rd and 7 by Owens, as Romo threw it to him while being tackled by Tommie Harris. Owens gets the next catch for a first down and heads out of bounds.

Ed Hochuli wouldn’t have wound the clock in that situation. – OMDQ

I repeat my cry for Eddie Guns to work every Sunday night game. If you have Terrell Owens on your fantasy team, he’s racking up a ton of yards for you tonight. All you need is a score or two from him. Romo to Witten for six, Foulk will be on for the extra point…and it’s 10-3, Dallas. Yay, we have offense!

Devin Hester makes it interesting by muffing the kickoff and running into the end zone, risking a safety until getting about 15 yards out. Ced Benson rushes it up to the 14 on a 1st and 15 caused by a false start. Rex throws it away on 2nd, and he scrambles for the first down on the next play. Grossman airs it out to Desmond Clark, who scampers across and gets into Dallas territory. Greg Olsen gets the next pass in the red zone, and it’s first and goal for the Bears. Benson gets the score on first down. Extra point is good, and it’s 10-10.

“Viva Viagra” ads: the most unintentionally funny ads yet, or not?

Dallas will start deep in its own territory due to holding on the kickoff, and it’s more Santana, “Oye Como Va.”

You shouldn’t be surprised that the Sex Cannon doesn’t run, Al. He only needs to plant and throw it to cover yardage, and the ladies come to him — he never needs to chase them!

Is there a product that exists that Peyton Manning couldn’t sell? I’m having trouble trying to think of one. (Do not include “would not sell.” That means a lot of stuff; I’m just trying to think of what he couldn’t hawk on TV.)

More defensive losses for the Bears: looks like Nathan Vasher won’t be playing for a bit.

Hey, Bears: there’s this dude named Terrell Owens playing for Dallas; you might want to put a body on him. He gets about 30 on the catch and the yards after, and then Romo air-mails Sam Hurd for a bunch more yardage. Nice ups on Hurd’s part. Marion Barber gets on the outside for a few valuable rushing yards, and Al and John are talking baseball for whatever reason, referring to Lou Piniella and the Cubs.

Al, Marion Barber’s dad was Junior, this Marion is the third. C’mon, now. Barber gets the first down on 3rd and 1 here, and it’s about two minutes left in the third quarter. Barber gets a screen pass, breaks a couple of tackles to get in the end zone. Redskins fans saw that broken tackle attempt by Adam Archuleta and said, “Now that’s the Archuleta we know.” Kick is good, Dallas up 17-10.

Odd sartorial fact: I think Romo is the only starting QB in the league who wears his team cap backwards when he’s on the sideline. Cedric Benson somehow fumbles on a 2-yard gain, as Roy Williams comes up with the ball. Challenge pending, of course — and the play’s upheld. Dallas can do some serious damage if they get six on this one.

Julius Jones gets a good gainer pass to end the quarter. 17-10, Dallas. 4th quarter thread coming, if y’all are still awake.