This is the only worthy thing Wade Phillips has done in his life: produce a daughter as beautiful as Tracy, shown here at right and seen in several music videos for bands I don’t particularly like.

Ah, that’s the Rex I’m used to. Anthony Henry picks Grossman right back as Muhammad stops and falls on his route.

Why did it take the Cowboys more than a quarter to get Marion Barber a carry in this game? As I write this, Julius Jones gets a big screen pass for a 1st, but I think this play is coming back due to a flag being thrown — yep, illegal block in the back on Jason Witten.

Oof. Lance Briggs comes up and stuffs Barber. I should really stop bitching like that; it always winds up looking bad for the players I advocate. 3rd and Really Fucking Long Why Are You Bothering is thrown to Patrick Clayton for only 10 yards, and the punt team will be coming on. The punt is nearly blocked, and Devin Hester screws it up by muffing. At least he lands on it.

(We go to break on “Plush” by Stone Temple Pilots. Ah, that’s still grammar school for me.)

Another 3rd and 8 pass by Grossman is tipped away and looked like it could be picked. Another punt, and I’m wondering if many of you out there are watching the Simpsons and the Family Guy premieres instead of the game on the East Coast. I can’t say I’d blame you at all so far.

Um, who was waiting in eager anticipation for the premiere of Bionic Woman? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Romo hits Witten right off the bat as we come back from break for 34 yards, and then rockets one in to T.O. for another first down. Bears CB Charles Tillman knocks it away on the next play, and T.O. gets nailed for offensive P.I. — that makes two dodgy calls on the Cowboys (with the first being that block in the back called on Witten earlier.) 1st and 20 is no problem because Jason Witten is there for another 20-something pass play.

I’ll repeat the same bit as I did when Dallas played the Giants two weeks ago: you might want to get a body on Jason Witten. Romo burns two incomplete passes, and we’ve got 3rd and 10 at the Chicago 12. Incomplete again, and we’ll see Dallas kick for three. Nick Foulk’s kick is up and good, 3-3 tie.

Going to the break on Gloria Estefan. Knew that was coming at least once.

I would rather watch a replay of Cleveland/Oakland than Family Guy. – odessasteps

I’m not sure I would. Glad I live in Pacific time, so I don’t have to choose between Family Guy and football. Hester runs the kickoff back for 18, and I recognize that song, but can’t remember who sings it and what it’s called.

A reality-TV show equivalent of The Gameplan would be much more interesting than the actual movie. Say, like when John Edward Thomas Moynahan shows up at daddy Tom Brady’s doorstop wanting to live with him in six or seven years. We could even get Bill Belichick to film it. He’s got cameras sitting around.

Sexy Rexy gets plowed by DeMarcus Ware at his own 4 yard line. Ouch. Not Purple Jesus runs it up a couple of yards, and here goes another punt. Dallas has it at Chicago’s 45 yard line. Brian Urlacher puts Romo’s head to the ground to get it started right. Romo hurls an incomplete on 2nd down. Jones gets another decent gain on a screen pass, but it’s not the 18 yards the Cowboys need, and Dallas will punt again.

The song is “Saturday, In the Park” by… CHICAGO!! – Extrapolater

Continuing of a theme. Last week, we got Boston on one of the bumps when New England hosted.

Romo converts 4th down by throwing it to T.O. Jason Witten drags Hunter Hillemeyer with him on the next catch for another first down inside the 20. 3rd and 4 again, and Patrick Crayton drops the pass that would have been a touchdown. Nick Foulk’s kick is blocked by the Bears, and Adam Archuleta runs down the sideline for extra yardage.

2-minute warning, and this game has been nothing but dropped passes at bad times.

I must say that I was expecting some leering and lewd comments from some of you on Tracy Phillips. However, since she is related to the tubby Son of Bum, I understand.

“Ozomatli, not to be confused with Motley Crue, performing at halftime.” – AM. Gee, how could we ever confuse the two?

Bernard Berrian drops a surefire touchdown from Grossman. That would have been six, easy. Both he and Crayton need Krazy Glue painted on their gloves. Another dropped ball, and here comes Gould…what the hell was that call? Why a fake field goal there, Chicago? This isn’t Division I-A football, guys. You’re not LSU.

“That call must have come off the moon shot we had.” – JM

This has been one of the more boring halves of football I’ve had the privilege of watching. Either it’s dropped passes, bad penalties negating yards, or something else to prevent actual scoring. Romo throws towards Owens, but it’s out of bounds. Barber runs, but not enough to do something, and we’ll have yet another punt when we return.

For the second half, both teams should be required to run nothing but trick plays. Let’s spice this up a little. – OMDQ

Either that or force Chicago to have Devin Hester on at all times. Fair catch for the Bears. Desmond Clark gets a catch and is horse-collared by the man who was the reason the penalty was created — safety Roy Williams. Grossman spikes the ball for another shot, and we’re all sensing that the Sex Cannon will get to say, “Fuck it, I’m going deep,” as the half ends.

Grossman gets sacked, and it’s holding on Chicago as the half ends, and we apparently have a clock controversy — Dallas is arguing that it should have a shot with 2 seconds left, but it won’t be. 3-3 tie at halftime. See you for the third quarter thread.

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